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D&D 5E Descent into Avernus DM Screen

Descent into Avernus releases tomorrow. Gale Force Nine is also producing its usual DM screen.


"D&D fans, Descent into Avernus grows near... Here's the epic looking screen from the Descent into Avernus expansion from D&D! This gives you all the details you need to Journey into the deep fiery pits in the first of the nine hells! Tread carefully adventures"

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Russ Morrissey

Russ Morrissey


Kobold Enthusiast
I'd have a very hard time sitting still with that much action advertised on the table! Gorgeous layout on the inside too. I love the list of devil names, so many to torture players with.


All the various USA sites don’t have a release date for this screen and GF9’s site is the worst for being updated, minis for a September release are still showing as preorder.