D&D 5E Post Zariel's Redemption Avernus? What's happening as a lead up to Chains of Asmodeus?


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Chains of Asmodeus Released​

Chains of Asmodeus was released by WotC this week in the DMs Guild as their ExtraLife donation thing.

Chains of Asmodeus: Official 286-Page Nine Hells Book & Adventure Released! (ENWorld)

DM Advice for Post Zariel's Redemption Avernus​

I am looking for advice for my DM in taking our level 13 post Descent into Avernus group through this, following my character Zazzu (Female Zariel Tiefling Hexblade who wielded Zariel's Sword) almost single-handedly redeeming Zariel [from BG:DiA]).

Chains of Asmodeus mentions itself as a potential post Descent adventure, but I would like to have more specific advice and ideas on this so I can grease the wheels before I ambush my DM with this request. <3

The key starting issue is Zariel's Redemption leaving a massive power vacuum within the Nine Hells, specifically in Avernus.
What is the state of Avernus and its rulership? (Ruling Avernus [BG:DiA]))
Also, what 'out of the Hells' would Zariel be doing?

Also, we would be siding with The Hellriders of Elturel who we worked with within Descent.

Throw me your ideas, pretty please!
So I ran a homebrew post-BGDiA campaign into the lower layers for a few years (we finished only a few months ago, and then this book comes out, FML).

I gave Avernus back to Bel, (he had already made schemes to help the characters redeem her and take it back).

I didn't have Zariel become an angel again. Rather, she becomes a lawful-neutral SOMETHING, she's not.sure what, with brown eagle wings (rather than black or white wings).

Wearing combat fatigues, and wielding an arsenal of gunpowder weapons (introduced to her by the characters), she dedicates her existence to hunting and killing demons in the Abyss with her best friend Lulu, so they can never respawn.

Because the characters made her realize that she actually didn't care that much about good or evil. All she really cares about is killing Demons.

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Zariel started out as a good ruler! It's more likely any ruler would shift to lawful evil than Avernus shift towards good.
The book says that a Demon Lord seizing control would shift it towards Chaotic Evil, so I'd imagine that sufficient actions could cause a shift to Good as well. It'd be incredibly difficult, but it's a suitable campaign for a group of high level characters.

I had no idea she served Lathander. Do you have a link for that so I can read more?
That is great info and opens up more opportunities

I suppose those Dukes and Duchesses will have an incredible amount of fun manipulating the field too, further complicating the process.

There's a part on page 140 of Descent Into Avernus under Idyllglen History.

IMO the adventure should have emphasized Zariel's origins a bit more considering how big of a role she plays in the story.

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