[DFRPG/GURPS] CageFight: a tool for measuring encounter difficulty in orcpower/etc.

Every so often I'll meet a new GM who is just getting into Dungeon Fantasy or GURPS DF, and who is struggling to figure out how to "read" monster difficulty from stat blocks. I remember being one of those GMs not too long ago even. Unlike D&D, DFRPG stat blocks don't come labeled with a metric like "CR" to say how tough they are supposed to be relative to other monsters, and for an experienced GM that makes a lot of sense, since it really, really depends on tactics and details.

But for a new GM who isn't sure yet whether black puddings are stronger or weaker than slugbeasts, it might be nice to have some kind of a rating system.

D&D is simplistic enough that you can get a very, very rough metric by basically multiplying typical DPR x HP modified by AC. In DFRPG or GURPS you can't do that because of DR and the active defense rules, which make longevity highly nonlinear.

But! you can just run a cage fight with a bunch of orcs and measure a monster's approximate orcpower, or ogrepower, or peshkalipower a.k.a. marilithpower.

Therefore I present Shining Sword Cage Fight!

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