Dice Action Camera players in sex scandal!

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Sounds like a tabloid headline, but isn't...

Two of the players in Chris Perkins' Dice Camera Action show had an affair; the male (married) one, ProJared, sends unsolicited dick pics to female fans and asks for nudes in return. And, apparently, has been doing this for years.

Info at the above links. Wanting - NSFW pictures. Yes, those pictures.

WotC just had the Mearls/Zak S and RPG Pundit scandal. Now it's the cast of Dice Camera Action.

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I'm shocked. Who knew Dungeons and Dragons players could get laid?

I don't think that's what people are worked up over. They are upset that Holly slept with her friend's husband (calling her a homewrecker which I don't agree with since a) it's their business and b) he's an adult who is responsible for his own actions), and are REALLY upset that he sent nude pics to underage girls asking for theirs in return. That part is pretty messed up.


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Regarding the extramarital affair, I'm not the least bit surprised. At this point, who hasn't seen a D&D group fall apart due to extramarital bonking? It happens all the time, and why not? When men and women get together, they bonk. That's just the way it is. Bonk, bonk, bonk.


There is nothing about this that isn’t depressing. However what bothers me most is the wicked glee people in those threads take at the fall.


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Oh look, ProJared turned out to be a major creep who sends unsolicited dick pics. I am shocked. This is my shocked face :uhoh:


And illegal if that’s true.

d. And then there may be one individual who is/was 16 at the time, which is a separate issue- also difficult because the one person I saw quoted indicated that she was 21 and he did ask about the age. That said, that would be the really, really, really bad one from a strictly legal P.O.V.

Well, I can't say how the pics got out there, but so far, I've personally seen more than one account from an underage girl show screen shots of the dick pics they say he sent them. Maybe they are all lying, but it does beg the question how these underage girls got these pics if he didn't send them to them. I suppose one could photoshop their screen shots to make it look like he sent it to them, but I find that dubious.

As far as why we care (to the other poster who asked)? I don't. Not about the cheating. None of my business. But illegal activity and preying on kids? Yeah, I'm concerned about that


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Just a reminder that sending unsolicited dick pics is sexual harassment, regardless of the age of the recipient


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What does any of this have to do with metagaming, player agency, and Warlords?

ProJared is supposed to be at dndlive next week...Wizards needs to flat out suspend their relationship with him, this picture swap thing is disgusting and disturbing.

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I just cannot wrap my head around that kind of thing.

Who in their right mind would ever want to do something like that? Who even sends pictures of their genitals to anyone, let alone a stranger? Is there anyone alive who actually believes that sexy? If I ever pulled that on my girlfriend I'm pretty sure the response would be somewhere between "never, ever do that again" and "never, ever come near me again"... and I wouldn't blame her one bit. Is that seriously something people actually do? I thought it was just some kind of "those awful kids these days" urban legend (not that there are creepers out there who do it, but that there are actually people who want to see it.) That's just tacky, gross, and repulsive.

But sending them unsolicited while requesting pictures in return, and involving underage girls, moves it up from "creeper" to "dangerous lunatic."

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