Dick Turpin


Getting lost in fantasy maps
Finished watching the first two episodes of The Completely Made-up Adventures of Dick Turpin.

I thoroughly enjoyed them both and am looking forward to more. I got a feeling like a blend of Monty Python’s Holy Grail plus Discworld plus D&D heists.

I may be misremembering, but this might be the first fantasy series on Apple TV+, if you categorize See as post-apocalypse and not fantasy.

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Well, that was fun
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Hmm. We watched the first episode last night. Undecided! I generally like Noel Fielding, so I'll probably watch another episode or two at least.

Don't have Apple TV+ but at least the name of the series is more honest than the original 1739 "biography" that it's parodying. Not much you can do with the real Turpin's life - he was just a modestly successful thug, really - but if the Victorians could romanticize him into near-fictional status no reason the 21st century can't as well.

I dimly remember reading an old alt-history novel in the 80s that had him make an improbable appearance fighting the British in the American Revolution as an very spry octogenarian. At the time I didn't know much about him and it was just a brief appearance so I didn't really appreciate just how silly it was. Is the show something along those lines, or more comedic?

I"m not familiar with that one.
Short-lived series from back in 2000. Pretty much a campy comedy vehicle for Bruce Campbell, with most of the humor revolving around historical figures behaving badly. The main nemesis is Napoleon, whose actor Verne Troyer (better known for his role as Mini-Me in Austin Powers, among many other things) does quite a good job of it. Not Campbell's best work and kind of forgotten, but for fans it's an obscure little treat.


I haven't seen Dick Turpin but if you want to see Noel Fielding's comedic style check out The Mighty Boosh. There were three seasons. It's from about 20 years ago, but shouldn't be hard to track down on a streaming service somewhere.

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