D&D General Did I ruin my DND Game/Group


yeah we all like him, its just that were here to play dnd and not wacky fun times though that is fun. And i talked to him recently about it and he was saying that he felt useless since our dm doesn't like combat and is slowly phasing it out. Were a paladin, bloodhunter, warlock, artificer, and hes a fighter and so he feels as though he has become kind of worthless.

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Hes playing along now but I think it was due to our dm threatening him. but we will probably not invite for the next campaign

I've had this kind of player a few times in my years of DM. They are very toxic and have the potential to destroy gaming group. Friend or not, I usually make it clear that some behaviors are not accepted at the table and that "their fun" should not impede on the "fun" of others. This is a gaming group where every single person is responsible to make sure that everyone have fun at the table. This is not a competition or a place to show off.

If that person does not want to understand or is not ready to put on some good will, then I will (and often said) bye bye. You're not welcome at my table anymore as a player.

Epic Threats

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