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5E DnD Beyond, How would I add proficiency gained from a subclass or an extra cantrip?


Title, I created a subclass for Rogues way back when and I was wondering how to implement it into DnD Beyond with the extra proficiencies without me having to do it manually. Same thing, how do I add the option of cantrips such how a nature Cleric can choose a Druid cantrip or Brightlock has Light and Sacred Flame?

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This is best asked on the DDB forums. There are folks there who regularly answer these kinds of questions. I’d help here if I could, but my familiarity with the homebrew tools on DDB is pretty limited.

Copy a subclass which does this and see how it does it. That's not a flip answer, note, that's genuinely the best way. Even guides are more vague and more likely to have you miss steps. Plus it's always easier to work from an existing subclass than a blank slate.

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