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Do orcs in gaming display parallels to colonialist propaganda?

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I'm not interested in the drama either, you survive because you are a mod there. Still it behooves the subject to merely state the truth of the matter.
Don't believe he is a mod. I just checked if I could ignore BRG and it is possible, which means he is not a mod.
So if people don't agree with everything, they will be equated to the vilest RL people of history. Seems fair, nothing wrong with that, carry on regardless. I wonder how many will take issue with this post. :erm:
You have to realize that to a large portion of the modern left anyone to the right of Karl Marx is a Nazi. Just look at social media when even mainstream Jewish conservatives are labeled as nazis.

but at least now the thread got to the only place it could ever had ended up.


Dying in Chargen
Don't believe he is a mod. I just checked if I could ignore BRG and it is possible, which means he is not a mod.
He was when I was banned for being a "SJW" there; it doesn't really matter (though I'm sure there is a parallel thread there) it is quite humorous that you call them the "vilest people in history." lol I don't think I'd go exactly that far calling them that. Though as you can see, calling them out for their bad behavior, they play victim or whatever. If the shoe fits ...
[MENTION=21169]Doug McCrae[/MENTION] is correct in citing the historical parallels between the race writing and Orcs, so far the most scholarly posts. In the face of that and basic logic, the point is well proved where the imagery was drawn from. I don't have, nor do I think anyone's intent is to call Tolkien or Gygax racists, I think just as flies caught in amber, their writings are of their times.


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Folks, really?

Do I have to hand out week-long bans to get people to realize that drifting away from discussion of a particular piece of relevant media into making generalizations about "the left" and "the right" is over the line?

Because you've put us in the position of having a choice - close the thread because you folks can't seem to keep your heads in the game without someone looming over you with a banhammer, or just using the banhammer.

Think before posting next time, people.

Thread closed.
Not open for further replies.