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D&D 5E Do you ACTUALLY use 3rd Party Books?

In the last 2 years, has your group used 3rd Party content in your game?

  • Yes, we've used player content AND monsters

    Votes: 152 64.4%
  • Yes, but only monsters

    Votes: 42 17.8%
  • No, but I'd allow player content AND monsters

    Votes: 12 5.1%
  • No, but I'd allow monsters

    Votes: 10 4.2%
  • No, I don't allow 3PP

    Votes: 20 8.5%

  • Poll closed .


The spine of the campaign is a play-by-post game, so it's slower than one might assume, although I don't think there's been more than two or three weeks where there was zero activity in either the main game or spin-off games run by me or other DMs. The campaign has also included spin-off games played via Discord and in person.

(NPCs from one adventure will often show up in different sub-campaigns, sometimes years later, and all of the events are in a single timeline and they all "count.")
I played in a Ptolus pbp here a long time ago too. :)

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I voted no, as I am not currently using any 3PP content in my 5e games. I have purchased a few 3PP products over the years, but mostly they end up just sitting on my shelf (or in a folder on my computer) unused. While WotC's official 5e products are far from perfect, I continue to prefer them over 3PP products.


WoTC stuff is used sparingly as 3pp to my content from other publishers. Level Up, 13th Age are our systems of choice, along with OSE. Monsters and adventures from Kobold. I'm looking into Ghostfire Gaming, as their stuff looks really cool. I love Beowulf from Handiwork Games. We also have other 3pp stuff sprinkled in as well. Most of the WoTC stuff hasn't been that exciting.


Yes. I use plenty of monsters, magic items, encounters, adventures, etc. I don't see a meaningful difference between homebrewed things and third party content. I'll allow player things with reservations, because some of the people I play with want to play...strange things but I have okayed things before.


I have backed a lot of KS projects and bought a fair amount of stuff on DriveThru/DMs Guild.

Really a lot.
I haven't used every bit, but I've used 3rd party rules, classes, subclasses, other options, monsters, setting stuff (heck, my main D&D is the Tal'Dorei setting), magic items, ancestries, ideas on separating ancestries and cultures, and other wacky stuff. I've used more 3rd party than I've used official in what I add into my game. Wanna play an Artificer? Step off! Wanna play a Witch (Hidden Oddities: A Witch's Primer is my favorite book)? No prob!

I used a lot and read more.
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So I have used two 3rd party adventures in the last year, that had some new monster content and magic items that I used, but I feel like adventures should be another option. So adventures is the most common thing I have used.

I also used a cantrip from a 3rd party.

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