D&D 5E Do you ACTUALLY use 3rd Party Books?

In the last 2 years, has your group used 3rd Party content in your game?

  • Yes, we've used player content AND monsters

    Votes: 152 64.4%
  • Yes, but only monsters

    Votes: 42 17.8%
  • No, but I'd allow player content AND monsters

    Votes: 12 5.1%
  • No, but I'd allow monsters

    Votes: 10 4.2%
  • No, I don't allow 3PP

    Votes: 20 8.5%

  • Poll closed .

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Man, I can't get my players to stop showing up with third party content, like a cat with a dead bird. Fortunately, 5E third party content is a lot better than much of it was during the 3E glut. I rarely have to say no any more.
We have one guy in my group that goes out an finds the most ridiculous, unbalanced stuff out there, and then wants to use it. I flatly state no third party stuff, but the other DM I alternate with lets him use it, and the inevitable power creep gets in. Then he gets bored like around 6th-7th level and wants to change to something else new and shiny and unbalanced...

To answer the original question posed here though, I use only one third party book, or, to be more precise, one set of them: our own @Nixlord 's Monster Manual Expanded books. I actually looked into Level Up, but it just seemed to be adding complexity for complexity's sake, when I find it much easier to run a simpler, more streamlined vanilla game.

Micah Sweet

I wish I had this problem. The last time a player showed up with anything non-WotC would have been about four or five years ago when I ran a Dragonheist campaign - he wanted to play a sentient skeleton. Loved the idea and ran with it. Totally cool.

But, other than that? Any time I've put anything non-WotC in front of the players, they just turn up their noses. I wanted to use some fairly cool ship combat rules - a bit crunchier than Ghosts of Saltmarsh, but, not a lot. Couldn't even get them to read the pdf, never minding actually using it. :(

And it's been that way since the 3e days. Hell, even back then I couldn't even get them interested in Dragon mag stuff.
I'm sorry. Your group would frustrate me quite a lot, to be honest.


I'm sorry. Your group would frustrate me quite a lot, to be honest.
Oh, dude, it's certainly not just my current group. It's been this way since the OGL hit the streets. Many groups, many players. Zero interest in anything non-WOtC. I agree that its frustrating though.


This is an attitude that, post 3e, I cannot understand.
At a guess, I would say its a combination of not really trusting 3pp to be balanced, combined with people wanting to use the books that they are buying. So, if you buy some WotC splatbook in the 3e days, you wanted to use it. Or conversely, if people bought Tasha's (again, for example) they want to use it. And since players are far more likely to buy WotC books than anyone else's, it does kinda make sense.

I still don'&t like it much though.

My entire divine pantheon takes elements from Green Ronin's The Book of The Righteous, I offer The Blood Hunter and the Gunslinger as character options, i use some lore from Tal'Dor'ei, and I bought A5E's Monster Menagerie specifically for use in punching up monsters, as well as several Kobold press books. And that's just for D&D -- I ALSO use 3pp stuff for other games (specifically Savage Worlds and Chronicles of Darkness games). 3PP stuff means a lot to me.


In my experience there are a lot of newish players who strongly think that DnD=WotC Products.

Again IME it’s not a new vs old player thing. My current group includes players who started in the 2e days. And that’s been true of pretty much every group I’ve played with or DM’d since the earliest days of 3e.

IME it doesn’t matter.


Which category should you vote if you use MCDM monsters but also the new mechanics that go with those monsters such as the companion mechanics?


Which category should you vote if you use MCDM monsters but also the new mechanics that go with those monsters such as the companion mechanics?
I don't have MCDM but companion mechanics sound like player mechanics to me so I would go with the first one. :)


This is more of a complicated question than I originally thought:

3pp classes and spells? Not really, I've seen some good stuff but my "ugh, not yet another book at the table" is too strong nowadays. Never say never though...
3pp monsters? Yes, I have Tome of Beasts 1 and 2 on my desk right now.
3pp adventures? All the time. I've learned WotC can't seem to write adventures I enjoy any more.

Generally no. But I run a Zeitgeist Campaign. I don't see it as 3rd party for 5e, as it was written for 4e and I bought it back then.
I would not allow my players to bring in random stuff.
I don't like the book of beasts which I own.

I also bought levelup. But O don't use it right now and I would not want to mix it with 5e.

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