Do you live in a good gamer city?

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my limited experience with the Boston area is that it has a decent amount of gamers. Although it's sort of a moot point for me since I play both my games over Openrpg.


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Seattle's still really good place for gamers I'd say, but nothing could beat it when the WotC Mothership was in full swing. During the .boom when everybody had lots of money, they bought a building on campus corner. There was a restarant with each table being a different board game you could get from the counter, then there was the VR combat game, and a store that wasn't too bad for a company store. Downstairs was a computer game room with 30 networked computers and daily tournaments, tables for playing card games (more almost daily tournaments), tables for minis, giant table for D&D that was made just for that purpose, and consol games. It was like a gaming convention going on seven day a week. I still miss it, but luckily I know where the giant Hurloon Minotaur statue that overlooked everything is so I can go pay it homage occationally.


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I moved to Silver Spring, MD in the summer of 2005. I've found the DC metro area to be a terrific gaming region. Once I came out of my shell and looked for nearby games, I integrated into a fantastic group that has really revitalized my love of D&D as both a player and a DM.

It doesn't hurt that DDXP/Winter Fantasy is here every year, either, and that DC is just a 10 hour drive away from Indy for GenCon. Yay! :)


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Ever since I began gaming ago about 6 years ago, I have never had too much trouble finding a player or a group, here in New York City. But there are some drawbacks. The biggest one is finding space to play. Apartments are small here for most people and the few more public spaces charge money. I was actually playing in my office for awhile but I was always worried someone was going to make a stink about it (they didn't). Now I have bought a sizeable place with a room well suited for a gaming table.

One thing I've noticed is that despite the huge number of people here, a lot of gamers know each other and have played in the same games, which can create some wierd circumstances if you, for example, want to play in a game that contains a guy you kicked out of your own campaign!


Kanegrundar said:
Thanks for the links, Grodog. I'm a member of the message boards on the KC Guild site and I'd never heard of or seen the other.

De nada :D

Vague Jayhawk said:
Lawrence Kansas seems to have a thriving gaming community. I never have problems finding players.

I lived in Lawrence for 10 years, and there were at least 6 different gaming stores in town during that time. Which are still there now, if any? Is KUGAR still around (KU Gamers and Roleplayers, once the largest RPGA club in the country)?

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