D&D Movie/TV Do you think the D&D Movie will be good?

Do you think the D&D Movie will be good?

  • Yes, and I plan to see it

    Votes: 81 68.1%
  • Yes, but I won't see it for reasons

    Votes: 3 2.5%
  • No, but I plan to see it anyway

    Votes: 18 15.1%
  • No, and I won't see it

    Votes: 17 14.3%

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I'm expecting it to be pretty similar to a Marvel movie, which for my tastes means pretty bad to ok. I will probably be bored enough to watch it at some point, or dragged along to see it, or just watch it to avoid my group acting like I'm weird for not watching it.


Whether its good or not is way too subjective, what I like and think is good is different from the next person. I don't pay attention to reviews whether its a critic or fans. I'll most likely wait for VOD/PPV to see it. D&D certainly has huge potential as a movie franchise, but I think if there are sequels, they'll probably progressively degrade in quality regardless of how this one does.


I think it will be bad.....

I can see the bad idea: They watch the Marvel movies and want some of that money. They pick Guardians of the Galaxy as the movie to copy. So it will be a movie of lovable misfit rogues that are fully of snarky sass and endlessly sprout one liners. It will be full of slapstick and endless buffoonery, nearly all directed at Chris Pines character as he is the Acceptable Target.

And that is on top of the silly PG-13 cartoon "action"violence , so any real life person will just get a silly "tap" then just fall down and take a nap. Though I guess the CGI Spam action can be more "real" as it's so over the top "fake".

Greg K

I suspect that I will be disappointed and plan to wait for it to come to either a TV or a streaming service. On the plus side, there will not be scenes of kids playing the game and controlling the characters.


I think it stands a good chance if it digs into fantasy/D&D stuff and doesn't try too much to be a Marvel clone. I suspect it will be too much of a Marvel clone, but it could surprise me!


The cast is capable of delivering.
The authors have done good work before.

So, it has a really good chance of being fun.
I'll leave it to people who think hierarchical systems are a hoot to gnaw over whether it is "good".

Like Umbran said, they've tapped competent people for the various aspects of the production. I think there's a pretty fair chance of them hitting the target they were aiming for - it's going to be pretty to look at and most likely decently entertaining (possibly highly entertaining). If it hits those two goals, I don't really need it to be great cinema...

It'll probably be out of theatres before I can spare the cash to go see it, but regardless of how it turns out, I'll definitely be picking it up on blu-ray when it comes out.


Guest 7034872

I'm not looking for the dramatic equivalent of Apocalypse Now or Children of a Lesser God, here: I only want and expect a well-written, well-acted, well-directed action adventure movie set in the D&D universe. From what little I've seen, I think they'll deliver that.


I'm cautiously optimistic. So far, it looks like it will be a fun action movie. I probably won't see it in theaters because I rarely go to the theater anymore.

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