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D&D General Does anyone else title their D&D sessions?


Ravenous Bugblatter Beast of Traal
I run completely homebrew. My session notes for what I expect to come are named, but that's a pre-naming based on what I expect to happen, not a post-naming on what did. As you can see from some repeated elements of names, sometimes my group didn't get as far as I expected, or took care of other things first, or sometimes went off the track I expected for that session - S8 was an example of this, as they reversed which hook they were interested in, which got continued in S9.

S1: Prolog, An Unexpected Encounter, and The Head Honcho of the New World
S2: An Assassin - Caught; Mask Dreams; Arrival; Places to see, people to do.
S3: The Road To Bristen
S4: To Bristen and Beyond
S5: Bristen, Beyond and Beneath
S6: God Kill The Queen, Statues under the Earth
S7: Statues under the Earth
S8: To the East (this is a Conan reference)
S9: To the West, Actually
S10: Questions and Answers
S11: Skyfall
S12: Disturbing News
S13: To the Volcano
S14: Jarl and Back Again: A Hobbit’s Tale
S15: The Unusual Case of the Missing Monarch
S16: Escape from the Wild Hunt
S17: Back Home
S18: On the River Home
S19: Into the Catacombs
I'd like to report that the campaign came to a successful conclusion this past summer.

S20: The Catacombs, Part I -- Negotiating through the Imperial Catacombs full of bound Royal Blood undead, to sneak into the Imperial Palace from underneath to rescue the Child-Empress.
S21: The Catacombs, Part II
S22: The Catacombs, Part III
S22a: The Catacombs, Part IV (Messed up session counting, really everything below should be 1 more)
S23: Infiltrating the Palace - Starting the rescue of the Child-Empress.
S24: And away! -- Rescuing the Child-Empress and taking her toward the Wood Elf reservation for political asylum.
S25: Against the Giants -- Fighting Giant tribes under control of an outside force at the Wood Elf reservation. (Classic D&D module name reference.)
S26: The Fire Behind the Giants -- Investigating and finding the false Fire Giant leader behind the attacks.
S27: The Fire Extinguished -- Capturing the false Fire Giant leader.
S28: The Heartwoods -- Being allowed to the magical heart of the Wood Elf reservation for stopping the giants.
S29: The Door into Summer -- Using the portal to the Feywilds in the Heartwoods to talk to the Summer Court. (Robert Heinlein book name reference.)
S30: Summer's Dawn -- Finding that the anti-civilization druidic Circle of the Dawn have been using the energy from the portal to the Feywilds to further their plans.
S31: Sunset -- Eliminating the Circle of Dawn interlopers.
S32: The Man from Uncle -- Dealing with a PC's evil resurrected uncle, a duke, while hiding the Child-Empress. (James Bond name reference.)
S33: The Man from Uncle - part deux (silly naming closer to Get Smart than James Bond)
S34: The Man from Uncle - part trix
S35: Zombies about Drakehaven - dealing with a zombie plague. [Note: Reskinned Spawn of Kyuss from Volo's made great spreadable zombie outbreak, especially when they are infecting PCs and friendly NPCs.]
S36: Chapterhouse of the Silver Flame - Investigative at the knightly order, finding out that the contagious zombie outbreaks have been caused by the uncle making an unholy deal with an Oinoloth.
S37: Olympic Exorcism - at upcoming olympic games (bread & circuses) plan to subvert the crowd to chant an exorcism (go high level bard) when the uncle is on sacred ground of the shrine for the opening blessing to force the Oinoloth out of his body. I had originally pictured sessins ago a whole multi-phase boss fight with PCs sacrificing actions to do a ritual, then they came up with this plan and just completely wow'd me. Not what I was expecting, and super effective.
S38: The Syreniad - The Olympics were actually called the Syreniad, this is carrying out the plan. (Name reference similar to Edding's book)
S39: The Syreniad part II
S40: The Moon - one fo the character was kidnapped to the Moon during the Syreniad, which is actually the decapitated skull of a murdered god, with the planet being it's body. Lots of stuff around this but it was a B plot that graduated to A.
S41: ...Beautiful. -- giving them fantastical things on the Moon. (Name reference: "The Moon... Beautiful" is a line from Yello's song "Oh Yeah".)
S42: ...is a Harsh Mistress -- betrayal on the moon. (Name reference: "The Moon is a Harsh Mistress" is another Heinlein book.)
S43: Walking on the... -- heading away from the Moon Elves settlement. ("Walking on the Moon" is a Police song.)
S44: To the Moon... and NOT Back -- more betrayal on the Moon, the Mirror transport isn't working. (Hobbit reference.)
S45: Moonquake [Sorry, opening every document for what it was about was taking a lot of time]
S46: Into the UnKNOOOOOWN (Name ref: Frozen 2 song.)
S47: Moons of Madness -- all around here was dealing with an Elder Brain that was trying apothesis by consuming the brain of a dead god. It was really the big bad of this arc.
S48: Moon Craters
S49: New Moon
S50: Curse of the Spelljammer
S51: Mutiny long past
S52: End of the Mutiny
S53: Assault on the Regent -- dropping out of the sky in a partially working Nautaliod to assassinate the Regent surrounded by his army in enemy nation territory. Which actually started with 2 months in game of observations.
S54: The Assault Begins
S55: The Assault Continues
S56: End of the Regent's Reign
S57: The Negotiation -- Ended with the PC that insisted the Regent needed to die doing a 180.
S58: Unexpected Betrayal -- Figuring out a way to work with the Regent and PC and still protect the Child-Empress. Spun the whole arc to an conclusion.
S59: Epilogue

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I title mine, but only really for myself (my players don’t know).

It’s an organizational thing; I have my Obsidian setup where it generates a table with the synopsis of each session. It helps me see all the sessions at a glance, and gives me more info than “Session 11”.


A Title Much Cooler Than Anything on the Old Site
I did in my first 5e campaign, which was a home brew campaign. I was prepping and running my games in RealmWorks at the time and it made the auto cross-referencing of articles work much better. It also made the auto-generated campaign timeline easier and more interesting to read. I've long since ended the practice once I stopped using RealmWorks.

Not I just title my journal notes with the session date. Boring but it works well with my tabbed journal article for session notes in Foundry.

If I were to start titling my sessions, I would do so after the session when I jot down my post session notes. I would mostly title them with sarcastic jokes at the expense of my players, with the occasional call out to something really cool the party or a PC did.

"Running through the gelatinous cube would have worked better if it wasn't against an invisible wall."
"Aiden woos the lass, gives green hag a daughter."
"Those ottomans and rugs in the middle of the megadungeon sure seemed convenient for a short rest at the time..."
"Yes, a door can be mimic!"
"Yes, a shelf can be a mimic!"
"Yes, a chair can be a mimic!"
"Tier 2 - the party finally buys some 10-foot poles!"


Moderator Emeritus
That's how I do it. Who knows what's going to happen during the session until it's done.
I usually have a good sense at the end of the last session based on what the players state they intend to do. Of course it may still go far afield, in which case I just change the title.

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