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Dragonlance Does Black Robe Life Channel work with Wratful Smite and Searing Smite?

I've no idea what Life Channel is (and Google only gives me something from Pathfinder) - but Wrathful Smite and Searing Smite are both concentration spells so you can't use them at the same time.

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A slight diversion, but I thought I'd mention here as anywhere, in my (very subjective) opinion, the best red robe spell choices are Shadowblade, or Dragon Breath for non-melee types. For white robes, Mind Spike.

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I don't think I am going to be smiting a whole lot. As a half caster I don't have a whole lot of slots and the ones I do have are probably going to go to spells mostly (esp wrathful smite)
When I played a Paladin, I thought that was going to be the case for me as well, but most of the time when I cast a spell, it was either underwhelming, or I'd lose concentration quickly, so I found myself smiting a lot more than I wanted to.


I thought hexblade/paladen was broken before... but a wither and bloom black robe mixed with it... my god

Actually a War Magic Wizard dip is the multiclass I am looking at.

It is a mixed bag though - there is a bunch you get with this on a Paladin 8/Wizard 2: initiative boost (which can be really important with Frightening people), +9 to saving throws, utility spells, ritual casting, shield and absorb elements.

On the downside though you need a 13 intelligence and a 14 to really make it worthwhile. The right time to do this multiclass is after 8 levels of Paladin, but at that point with conquest you are one level away from the Fear spell which is bonkers on a Conquest Paladin - if an enemy fails his save within 10 feet of you he automatically takes damage every single turn for the next 10 turns unless you lose concentration and he can't do anything about it, he also can't move or take actions for 10 turns so he is basically incapacitated for 10 turns straight with no more saves.
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Yeah... it's not a big deal to have it work with those smite-spells at all.

No more than it would be if they were dodging Spike Growth penalties or a Cloud of Daggers, or trying not to burn to death near a Wall of Fire.

The spell's level and the maximum number of HD a player has are more than enough limit.

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