Dragonlance Does Black Robe Life Channel work with Wratful Smite and Searing Smite?


I would guess that 99% of us are in agreement with that, but it is very rare to find a character idea that can't be re-fluffed into something setting appropriate. Most character rules are fairly setting agnostic if you strip out the flavor text, of say, the Samurai Fighter. Flavor wise, it has no place in Krynn, but could the rules not fit any fighter? Casters are largely the same. If I tell you that my Arcane Domain Cleric, who never casts a healing spell or wears armor, is a wizard, who is going to notice the difference.

I am playing one game with a Lawful Good Shaddar Kai Cavalier-Bladesinger (currently 3/5). She is from the Shadowfell, in the service of the Raven Queen - quite literally in her Cavalry, and was sent to Faerun on a mission. She refers to RQ as her lady or the queen and the party is not really sure who she is talking about, but they all originally though she was a Warlock until the mechanics started showing up (Action Surge, Bladesong .... why is your familiar a Raven and not something more powerful)

She really "feels" like a creepy arse hexblade Warlock when playing her. That is not what I intended and she does not have a warlock pact but the thematic elements are all there.

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