Does TSR3 Have Nazi Connections?

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Evidence has been compiled by an anonymous website which suggests that TSR3's Star Frontiers: New Genesis (Star Frontiers being one of the trademarks under legal 'dispute' with WotC right now) is written by an author with extreme Nazi sympathies.

I'm not going to directly post the hateful images and tweets here because the content is extreme. It's one of the most focused outpourings of hate that I've personally seen.

But there is a website [CONTENT WARNING -- I need to post the link as evidence but I honestly do not recommend that you click on it] where somebody has anonymously and comprehensively compiled screenshots which indicate that a Twitter feed called 'DaveFilmsUS' (that they allege belongs to New Genesis author Dave Johnson) is filled with hate speech and Nazi imagery. These tweets include racist, homophobic, and transphobic content, along with Nazi and white supremacy memes. There are images of swastikas, and messages about the 'replacement' of white people. The tweets cover a long period of time, going back to at least 2017. They are extreme.

Star Frontiers: New Genesis is a book whose existence many doubt. It shows up as 'sold out' on TSR3's webstore on Dungeon Hobby Shop. Earlier this year, TSR3 posted manipulated images of piles of books (below) made to look like they were Star Frontiers stock. To the best of my knowledge, nobody has seen this book. The game was announced in June 2021.

Meanwhile, Star Frontiers owner Wizards of the Coast continues to sell the game on DriveThruRPG. TSR3 attempted legal action against WotC last year with the goal of claiming ownership of some of WotC's IP; WotC responded with a countersuit which is still ongoing.

Johnson, who runs Dave Johnson Games, also publishes an ezine called Alarms & Journeys, a name presumably 'inspired' by the the well-known zine Alarums and Excursions by the award-winning game designer Lee Gold. Alarums and Excursions has been running since 1975, and is still published to this day.

TSR3 is run by Justin LaNasa (a tattooist, weapon designer, and briefly a politician who refers to himself as Sir Justin LaNasa), who sent (real) TSR alumnus Tim Kask profane messages in January of this year. TSR3 is the third company to bear the name, and is in no way connected to the TSR which published Dungeons & Dragons from the 1970s to the 1990s.

WotC's countersuit against TSR3, which names the company and Justin LaNasa personally, currently remains ongoing.



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Oh, it sure did. You're missing a full additional decade of violence unlimbered against their opponents, unions, and Jews as well as intimidation at the polls, all tolerated by the right-wing police and judiciary. And just look at the wrist slaps meted out to the leadership of the Putsch. A coup attempt led to a setback in 1923, but when the violence was directed at lower-level enemies rather than the state, it was effective.
Yes... and no.

I'm not "Missing" it. I'm saying that they didn't want fights. Yeah, during the 1920s and 30s they engaged in stochastic violence all the time. But they didn't want -FIGHTS-.

They wanted routs. They wanted to go in swinging their fists and bats and pipes and whatever else at a set of victims who fled or cowered rather than responding with violence. Who would turn to police who sided with the Nazis and engaged in their rhetoric and supported them.

They didn't want fights. They wanted victims.

@Ruin Explorer is also right. At the core of them, Nazis are losers and cowards. If they had been opposed by the Police, the State, the People of Germany, they'd have collapsed like a house of soggy cards.

And in the US, today? There's a -LOT- of white supremacists and Nazis in uniform. And when a Nazi shoots up a club or a church or a store they'll do what they can to take him down gently and bring him in soft, just like the cops in the 20s and 30s for those Nazis.

So we have to fight. Whether that's physical like me punching a Nazi, or social like deplatforming on social media, or outright political through the passage of hate speech laws. We have to fight.

And of those three I push for two and punch for one.

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Blue Orange

Gone to Texas
This is extremely silly, facile and superficial thinking, I'm afraid.

Your example shows how muddled and confused your thinking is here. The original SW movies, 4/5/6, have villains that are solely white men (and I guess Jabba? but he's not human). No-one on those starship bridges is female or non-white.

Whereas in 7/8/9, where female villains, and we have non-white villains - admittedly most of the latter only have a single line or the like, but people discussed it quite a lot and somehow it seems you totally missed it? Did you actually watch the recent SW movies?

Your point is thus obviously wrong by your own example. 4/5/6 = white males sole villains - 7/8/9 they are joined by women and non-white villains.

I saw them, but had sadly left the target age group. I enjoyed them as popcorn. It was kind of a bad example, and got way more attention than it deserved. I just figured everyone had seen the movies.


Also, armor and voice aside, the villains of Star Wars were always white humans in a world of aliens and specifically coded as Nazis. In fact, the modern SW movies seem to imply every Stormtrooper is a brown person (albeit clones o child soldier conscripts) so...


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it's not clear why someone whose relatives voluntarily come here should get preference over a native
Because not all of the institutional or societal racism/bigotry happened “back then”- some of it is still ongoing.

Example: there’s been studies done showing that people with “typical American names” have significant hiring and promotional advantages in the American job market. That is true whether your ancestors have been here 400 years or if you’re the first person in your family to live here.

The Pigford cases were just settled in 2010. In them, the USDA admitted a pattern of discrimination negatively affected the ability of over 200 minority individuals and families to acquire, operate and retain private family farms. Damages were around $3.5B. Approximately $750M of that was awarded to a single family who used that money to repurchase their farmland. They got that because they alone of all the other litigants had the meticulous financial records to prove the full extent of their damages. We have no idea as to the actual monetary damages suffered by the other 199+ plaintiffs. We have no concept of how many people were treated similarly but couldn’t prove enough harm to be joined into the class-action lawsuit.

The agency’s wrongdoing wasn’t based on when you got here, just your status as a nonwhite person. And no agents were disciplined because of their actions/inactions- they’re still in those same positions. At least one is noted to have received a family’s settlement check in hand as the agency’s representative when that family repurchased their farmland.

Edit: was composing while Umbran was closing the thread- mod account let it post. Apologies.
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