D&D 5E Does your group use feats?

Does your group use feats?

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They're always available, but pretty much nobody takes them until they've got a 20 in their prime requisite.

Variant humans are rare because, unless I'm DMing, darkvision doesn't have a perception penalty in total darkness.


Yeah, for purposes of this poll, I was only looking for if your group makes them available in general. When you start drilling down into when they are used vs ASI, or which ones are shunned, that’s a whole other can of worms lol.

I always allow them as a DM some of my players use them often some not so much, as a player I have used them with every character I have made.

It helps bring character concepts to a better completion.


Heretic of The Seventh Circle

I suspect that most groups of people who enjoy going online to engage with the hobby conversationally also enjoy the system tinkering that more complex options entail, so I’d bet money that this same poll will get similar results in nearly any forum dedicated to TTRPGS.


When I even considered having a game that didn't use feats, some of my players were pretty upset about the idea. I think the fact that a lot of them really prefer classless games is part of it; they want every bit of customization they can get.

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