Dragonlance Dragons of Fate Dragonlance Novel Cover Revealed


The cover and description of Dragons of Fate, Margaret Weis' and Tracy Hickman's second novel in the new Dragonlance novel trilogy have been revealed on Amazon, with a release date of August 1, 2023.

A courageous heroine trapped in the distant past is determined to return to her own time--without changing the shape of the world forever--as the New York Times bestselling Dragonlance series continues in the thrilling sequel to Dragons of Deceit.

A clash of powerful magical forces sets off the Graygem of Gargath, sending Destina and her companions deeper into the past than she intended--to the age of Huma Dragonsbane and the Third Dragon War. Now, after the Device of Time Journeying shatters, they must find another way back to their own era, before the Graygem alters history irrevocably and the Third Dragon War ends in defeat for the forces of good.

With the battle raging on, Destina tries desperately to make amends and prevent disaster. Raistlin and Sturm encounter their heroes, Huma and Magius, and must reconcile the myths with the men. Meanwhile, Tasslehoff--shocked that the Knights of Solamnia have never heard of dragonlances--sets out to find the famed weapons.

But as the forces of the Dark Queen close in on the High Clerist's Tower, Destina's party must return to their own timeline together--or not at all.

The first book in the trilogy, Dragons of Deceit, came out earlier this year.
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Hutchimus Prime

The issue is less about Destina being able to become a knight or not and more
about her not being considered her father’s legal heir and being able to inherit his lands and maybe title without being married and without a will. That’s what leads to the issues with her cousin and his wife. She thinks she should be able to be a knight but she wants to keep control of her family lands and legacy.


It's Phillip Ulrich who did the cover for Dragons of Deceit. I am not sure if he also did this one above, but it is clearly a pastiche blend of Elmore/Parkinson's style. Sturm's armor texture screams Parkinson. I think it's more than fine.

As for Raistlin's appearance, I think this is one of the best ones ever, frankly. His metallic gold skin is reflecting light in the way that you might expect it would. So often, games make ridiculous descriptions of a person or place key to the premise -- and then ignore that description as it is "inconvenient" to the artist's or beholder's eye (Example: how about nearly ALL of the environmental art in Rime of the Frost Maiden?) This one seems on point -- though Sturm looks a little more Asian in terms of ancestry then previously. I expect this was not an accident, nor is Destina as being shown to be brown accidental either.

WotC is trying to expand so as to reach a new audience here. There's nothing wrong with that.
It is Ulrich, the image is on his ArtStation account


Yes and no.

In the real world, we have rare examples of women being warriors in various cultures that generally didn't allow it. The exceptions prove the rule, to be cliche.

In the fantasy world of Krynn, women are not generally accepted as Knights of Solamnia. There are exceptions. Doesn't change the practice.

At your table, you can simply say your PCs are the exception and allow female knights. Or, better yet, as WotC is doing in their modern take on Dragonlance, eliminate the cultural restriction all together. Female knights are no longer an exception, they are simply allowed and accepted by all.
They don't have guns, the great equalizer, they swing swords. Of course few women would join the knights. They would always be the exception, not the rule.
Sorry biological reality does not seem to be taught in school anymore. Just certain unrealistic agendas.


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Sorry biological reality does not seem to be taught in school anymore. Just certain unrealistic agendas.

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It is time for you to review the Rules and terms of EN World, specifically our Inclusivity policy.

We are sure you can find some other venue that will welcome such sexist remarks, but this site isn't the place for them.

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