Dragons of Eternity

Dragonlance Dragons Of Eternity By Margaret Weis And Tracy Hickman Coming August 6, 2024

Tinker Gnome

Don't forget that they were also restricted to using magic that had no direct influence over other living creatures, i.e. no friends or charm person-style spells.
Such spells fell under the domain of Mysticism, and since there were no characters classes you could have a character with up to three schools of sorcery and three spheres of mysticism. And even wear armor and use weapons if you have the stats for it.:)
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I'm constantly amused by how many of the books on Good Show Sir I've actually owned. Apparently I took that adage about judging books by their cover to heart as a child.
Same. Some of those covers are legitimately terrible, but others, it's easier to find fault than not, if you're looking for it.

That said, the cover on this one isn't remarkably bad, and might even be mediocre if someone re-drew all the characters' faces and made the dragon's posing a bit more dynamic.
The background is solid, and really, all three books' covers would've been much better as landscapes. Or if a little more work had been put into the figures' positioning and faces.

For those who only read the first book, I suggest giving the second one a chance, especially if you are a DL fan. The first book mainly focused on Destina as the main character and she was a wholly unlikable character, in my opinion. The second book however has Raistlin and Sturm as the driving force. Not only do you get two characters who had little like for each other finally interacting with each other and being able to see that interesting story, Destina is also pushed to the background for most of the book. It's much better and I am looking forward to the third book.

WotC massively interferred in the first book, but after being sued they were more hands off, so do you think its an accident that for the first book Destina was by far the central character, and that it was not popular book relatively, but in the second book without WotC interference, she gets demoted and the writers own characters take center stage instead of what I suspect is WotC's inserted character, and the second book is far more well reguarded and reviewed.

I suspect this will be the fate of the Fallbacks, which screams book by committee with a lot of WotC interference in what a talented writer is trying to do. I'll be shocked if its not a disaster. Memories Wake seems to not be by committee or at least not as much and I expect it to be a much better book.

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