Dragonlance Read The Beginning Of Dragonlance: Dragons of Deceit!

The first few pages of August's upcoming Dragonlance novel Dragons of Deceit from creators Margaret Weiss and Tracy Hickman are available to read over at Polygon. It opens up with Destina Rosethorn, a Solamnic noble, just before the War of the Lance, the central conflict which was portrayed in the original Dragonlance Chronicles back in the 1980s. The novel trilogy features time travel.

Alternatively you can listen to the excerpt below!

The cover, with art by Philipp Urlich, was revealed some months ago; it features Destina, flanked by Tasslehoff Burrfoot and a dwarf called Wolfstone, who comes from Thorbardin. Behind them is Saber, a copper dragon.

The novel trilogy is not connected to the Dragonlance D&D hardcover coming from WotC later this year


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Russ Morrissey

Russ Morrissey

Helena Real

Dame of Solamnia (she/her)
HERE. WE. GO! 😁 🖤

[Edit after reading. Contains spoilers!] OK. This reads... Pretty well. Love that the protagonist is a child of Solamnia (obviously!) and I really like that her mother is not from Solamnia. The idea of a young, would-be Squire of the Crown adventuring back in time is really appealing to me, especially so when Destina's main character conflict seems to be her respect for Solamnic tradition and her disregard for the Disappeared Gods. August can't come soon enough! 😊
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what kind of dragon is that? assuming its a red but very different design?
Looks metallic to me. Copper or brass, I'd say. Maybe gold.

Speaking of the cover, I still can't get over how weird the characters' heights are. Is Destina supposed to be really short? Is Tasslehoff especially tall for a kender? What's going on here?

Helena Real

Dame of Solamnia (she/her)
"To her left is a new character, a mysterious dwarf named Wolfstone from the kingdom of Thorbardin. Behind them stands the equally mysterious copper dragon named Saber."

From the Polygon article/interview/extract linked above ;)

Seems promising enough, though I'm a bit leery of the whole time travel angle. I guess we will see soon.
I have begrudgingly accepted that they are likely to retcon and throw out all of the Age of Mortals through time travel bull$&>/ despite it being objectively better and unique from other d&d settings for actual campaigns. What annoys me most is that they are doing it through bringing Takhisis back to life, whether it's because they are so determined to make every one of their settings the damn same, or because they are too lazy to come up with new villains or actually develop the other gods (like Sirrion or Morgion) behind a single paragraph or two I'm not sure. Perhaps a bit of both. Either way I'll read the book, laugh at the main character's absurd name, and then promptly ignore any blatant setting retcons I don't like for my games.


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