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D&D 5E Dragons of Krynn


OK, I have started to take another look at dragons. With the recent Dragonlance book I am calling these the "Dragons of Krynn" to differentiate them. For these dragons I gave them an "Old School" vibe. By that I mean highlighted the classic claw/claw/bite or breath weapon actions. Making those the main damage dealers let me increase the damage on the attacks. I also made all of them "mythic." My thought is the first set of hit points is really just getting through their armor and you really don't start damaging them until after the mythic trait is activated. I am using the increase HP to stand in for tough dragon scales. If people like these I will do the rest of the series. So without further ado, I give you the dragons of Krynn!
Also, please remember these are Works In Progress. Feedback is welcomed and changes will be made!

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