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Monster Junkie
This is a compiled index of monsters that have first appeared in Dungeon Magazine. If you notice anything is missing, please reply to this post and let me know.

Creatures listed in italics have only an abbreviated stat block.

1 - White Crow (?), Razorweed (Guardians of the Tomb, Carl Smith).

2 - Andromidus (unique titan)(The Titan's Dream, W. Todo Todorsky)
2 - Epadrazzil, Tyrannabyss (The Keep at Koralgesh, Robert B. Giaccomozzi and Jonathon H. Simmons)

3 - Ambition, Hatred, Pain, Power (The Book With No End, Richard W. Emerich).

4 - Crystal Spider (Kingdom in the Swamp, John Nephew).
4 - Beatnik Zombie, Cow of Ill Omen, Darn, Gummy Worm, Jujubee, Little Devils, Puppet of Heck, Rabid Gopher, Soap Dragon (Fluffy Goes to Heck, Rick Reid).

5 - Phantasm (Lady of the Lake, Laura Ferguson)[Note: This is a flying, ethereal deer, not the undead phantasm found elsewhere]
5 - Shami-Amourae (demigoddess of debased eros, queen of succubi, "The lady of Delights")(The Stolen Power, Robert Kelk). Shami-Amourae appears in 3E in Dungeon #148.
5 - Hirward's Air Elemental (Hirward's Task, Rich Stump)

6 - Coral Beast, Giant Oyster (After the Storm, Nick Kopsinis and Patrick Goshtigian).

7- Botswanna Golgalarka (The Jingling Mordo Circus, Vic Broquard).

8 - Spectramouse (Mountain Sanctuary, John Nephew).

9 - No new creatures.

10 - Ilsidahur (Demon Lord)(The Shrine of Ilsidahur, John Nephew).

11 - No new creatures.

12 - Saltwater Aboleth (Intrigue in the Depths, Michael Lach and Rocco Pisto)
12 - Spottle Toad (At the Spottle Parlor, Rick Swan)

13 - MacDaer (major cambion)(The Ruins of Nol-Daer, H.L. McClesky).

14 - The Creature of Havenmere, aka "Demon" (not a demon), Havenmere Sheep (A Question of Balance, Nigel D. Findley)
14 - Black Golem, Greater Black Golem, Conjurer Puppet, Stun Puppet, Ventriloquist Puppet (Master of Puppets, Carl Sargent)
14 - Greater Wererat, Wood Golem (The Wererats of Relfren, Grant Boucher and William K. Wenz). [Note: This wood golem differs from wood golems presented elsewhere].

15 - Blue Mold (The Wreck of the Shining Star, Richard Emerich) (Note: This is a variant yellow mold.]
15 - Hzu Tzu (greater nature spirit) (The Dragon's Gift, Thomas Kane).
15 - Giant Fanged Python (The Elephants' Graveyard, David Howery)

16 - Giant Pigeon (Palace in the Sky, Martin and John Szinger)
16 - Tiamat Idol (?).

17 - Gak-nis-gogk [Unique mind flayer](The Hunt in Great Allindel, Richard Emerich).

18 - Bosatsu Jizo (demigod), Tako, Wani (Crocodile Tears, Marcus Rowland). The Tako appears in the 3E Oriental Adventures and at your local Tako Bell.
18 - Flying Dagger (Irongard, Ed Greenwood).

19 - House Hunter (Ancient, Adult, Young) (The Vanishing Village, Marcus L. Rowland).

20 - Caribou. The caribou appears in second edition in Monstrous Compendium Annual Volume Two and in third edition in Frostburn.

21 - Stymphalia Bird (The Chest of the Aloeids, Craig Barrett)

22 - Ahmoras (Unchained!, Bruce Norman)
22 - Equus (Tomb it May Concern, Randy Maxwell)
22 - Spirit Leopard, Tuyewera (The Leopard Men, David Howery). [Note: This tueywera differs from the legendary version in Dragon #122.]

23 - Abhir (The Pyramid of Jenkel, Willie Walsh). [Note: This is very similar to a marilith.]

24 - Death-From-Above (In the Dread of Night, Anne Dupuis)
24 - Draknor, Ulitharid (Thunder Under Needlespire, James Jacobs). The ulitharid appears in 3E in Lords of Madness.

25 - Ancient Vrock (aka The Beast, Jaazzpaa) (The Standing Stones of Sundown, )
25 - Moonorc (Of Kings Unknown, Randy Maxwell). [Note: The moonorc is esentially a "templated" orc warped by consuming a moonmelon.]

26 - Shimmering Wrath (The Curse and the Quest, Craig Barrett and Cristopher Kederich).

27 - Ice Serpent (Courier Service, Ted James and Thomas Zuvich).
27 - Marble Mastodon (Juggernaut, Roger E. Moore). [Note: This is similar to a figurine of wondrous power.]

28 - Siragle (major Abyssal fiend)(Sleepless, Michael Shel).
28 - Lady of the Woods (FR Demigoddess avatar only)(Visitors from Above, Shonn Everett).

29 - No new creatures.

30 - Ilsheen (unique Watchghost)(Elminster's Back Door, Ed Greenwood).

31 - Animated Statue, Higher Animated Statue, Minion of Set (Telar in Norbia, Willie Walsh). Minions of Set later appear in the 3rd edition Deities & Demigods.

32 - No new creatures.

33 - Puck (unique great wyrm crystal drake)(Dark Days in Welldale, J. Mark Bicking).
33 - Kitsune Kasumi ("mist foxes") (Mad Gyoji, Colin Sullivan).

34 - Giff (The Lady Rose, Steven Kurtz). The giff later appeared in 3rd Edition in Dragon #339. [Note: Although the giff is presented as a new monster, it may just be a reprint from Spelljammer.]

35 - Ether Shadow (The Ghost of Mistmoor, Leonard Wilson).
35 - Greelox, Shadeling (Twilight's Last Gleaming, James Jacobs).
35 - Jarbo (The Year of Priest's Defiance, Allen Varney and Rick Swam).

36 - Brass Snake (Asflag's Unintentional Emporium, Willie Walsh).
36 - Metagolems (Copper, Tin, Bronze, Iron, Steel, Silver, Electrum, Gold, Platinum)(Granite Mountain Prison, Roger Baker).

37 - The White Boar, The Bulette-Mutation (The White Boar of Kilfay, Willie Walsh).
37 - Guardian Warriors (A Wizard's Fate, Christopher Perkins).
37 - Majalor (unique undead), Mud Grue, Tiger-Headed Statue, Tzolo's Guardian (The Mud Sorcerer's Tomb, Mike Shel). The mud grue, Majalor, and Tzolo's guardian later appeared in Dungeon #138.

38 - No new creatures.

39 - Giant Spitting Spider (The Fountain of Health, Ann Dupuis).

40 - No new creatures.

41 - Vampire Moss (A Way with Words, Teeuwynn Woodruff and Tim Beach).
41 - Campestri (Old Man Katan and the Mushroom Band, Ted James and Thomas Zuvich).

42 - Crystal Golem (The Lady of the Mists, Peter Aberg).

43 - Snow Troll (King Oleg's Dilemma, Lee Sheppard).

44 - Hand Druj (The Hand of Al-Djamal, Stephen J. Smith).

45 - Brass Golem (Prism Keep, Rich Baker). A different form of Brass Golem appears in the 3rd edition Monster Manual II.

46 - Giant Horsefly, Large Jumping Spider, Talking Owl, Talking Trout (Dovedale, Ted James and Thomas Zuvich).
46 - Snow Spider (The Iron Orb of the Duergar, Peter Aberg).

47 - Scorpion Fish (Quelkin's Quandary, Christopher Perkins).
47 - Baby Scorpions (The Assassin Within, Paul Culotta).

48 - Huge Sea Gulls (The Oracle at Sumbar, Paul Culotta).

49 - Gacholoth (yugoloth) (The Dark Place, Lee Sheppard).
49 - Mechanical Cat (Castle of the Blind Sun, Paul & Shari Culotta and Todd Baughman).

50 - Werepanther (Felkovic's Cat, Paul Culotta).

51 - Prismatic Dragon (Ailamer's Lair, Steve Fetsch). A different prismatic dragon appears in the 3E Epic-Level Handbook.

52 - No new creatures.

53 - Scalos Magen (variant magen)(Elexa's Endeavor, Christopher Perkins).

54 - Utahraptor (The Fiends of Tethyr, David Howery).
54 - Fogwarden (Unhallowed Ground, Dan De Fazio). [Note: Although this is not the fogwarden's first D&D appearance, it appears to be its first 2E appearance.]

55 - No new creatures.

56 - Patchwork Troll (Grave Circumstances, Bill Slavicsek).
56 - Chimpanzee, Giant Hippo, Hippo, Human (Pygmy), Muhalu, Pygmy Hippo, Utuchekulu (The Land of Men with Tails, David Howery).

57 - Children of Maalpherus (To Cure a Kingdom, John A. Hartshorne).
57 - Kada (The Rose of Jumlat, Jeroen Grasdyk).

58 - Greater Seawolf, Lesser Seawolf (Caveat Emptor, Ted Zuvich). A seawolf appears in 3rd edition in Stormwrack.
58 - Winged Ghoul (The Baron's Eyrie, Jason Kuhl).

59 - Skelter, Zombire, Zombie Spiders (Seeking Bloodsilver, Christoper Perkins).
59 - Greenhag Newborn, Immature Enhanced Larva (The Mother's Curse, John Guzzetta).

60 - Statue of Shaktari (Nemesis, Christopher Perkins)

61 - Greater Pegasus, Greater Treant (To Save a Forest, Dovjosef Anderson).

62 - Clockwork Swordsman, Utukku (Esmerelda's Bodyguard, Paul F. Culotta).
62 - Crocodile Mummy (Grimjaws, Jennifer Tittle Stack).
62 - Wererat Lord (The Rat Trap, Timothy Ide).

63 - Greater Owlbear (Hunt for a Hierophant, Chris Doyle).
63 - Sleepwalker Golem (Blood and Fire, John Baichtal).

64 - Firedog (The Mad Chefs of Lac Anchois, Jennifer Tittle Stack).
64 - Metal Spider (Bzallin's Blacksphere, Christopher Perkins).
64 - Tribute Gatherer (Grotto of the Queen, Paul and Shari Culotta).
64 - Warrior-Puppets (Last Dance, Jeff Crook).

65 - Wereraven (The Unkindness of Ravens, Jason Kuhl).

66 - Gigantic Buffalo, Giant Beaver, Giant Porcupine, Giant Raccoon (Enormously Inconenient, Kent Ertman).
66 - Predatory Coral (modified strangleweed), Wereeel (unique lycanthrope)(The Sunken Shadow, James Wyatt).
66 - Bobcat (Operation Manta Ray, Paul Culotta).

67 - No new creatures.

68 - Merklan's Plant Monster (Merklan's Magic, Brian Corvello).

69 - Death Kiss Spawn (Sleep of Ages, Eric L. Boyd).
69 - Megaloman (Slave Vats of the Yuan-Ti, Jason Kuhl).

70 - Death Angel Stone Golem, Doresain (King of the Ghouls), Floater, Gargoyle Golem, Necromantic Battering Ram, Salt Mummy, True Ghoul, (Kingdom of the Ghouls, Wolfgang Baur). The 3E true ghoul appears in Dungeon #129.
70 - Aquatic Jelly (variant gelatinous cube), Tunnel Fish, (The Maze of the Morkoth, James Wyatt).
70 - Flour Sandling (???).

71 - Aartuk, Bassnip Fish, Hoo-Hah Bird, Pigalope, Syllix (Wildspawn, Paul Culotta).
71 - Alligator Man, Wraithroach Swarm, Young Serpent Vines (variant), (Dark Magic in New Orleans, Randy Richards).
71 - Animated Pedestal, Reviler (Dreadful Vestiges, Steve Johnson).

72 - Bullywug Monster Zombie, Swamp Druid Vampire (unique vampire)(Mistress on the Mere, Paul Culotta).
72 - Marionette (Plundering Poppof, Andy Miller).

73 - Shike (Faerie Wood, Jeff Crook).
73 - Champion Skeleton (Eye of Myrkul, Eric L. Boyd).

74 - No new creatures.

75 - Massive Stunjelly (Non-Prophet Organization, Charles C. Reed).

76 - Chraal, Snowmen (Mudmen variant)(Mertylmane's Road, Jason Poole and Craig Zipse).
76 - Demonic Sawflies, Living Hair, Death Linen Sheet (The House on the Edge of Midnight, Raymond E. Dyre). (The chraal later appeared in Monster Manual III.
76 - Olive Creeper (Fruit of the Vine, ).
76 - Finagill's Statues, Flying Two-Handed Swords (Crusader, Peter Lloyd-Lee).
76 - Gray Ooze imbued with Wand of Wonder (A Day at the Market, Kevin Carter).

77 - Windigo (Wind Chill, Kevin Carter).

78 - Arctic Wyvern (variant wyvern), Ice Trapper (variant trapper), Reindeer (variant stag), Seal (variant sea otter), White Buffalo, (The Winter Tapestry, Stephen C. Klauk).

79 - Aquatic Carrion Crawler, Saltwater Vodyanoi (The Akriloth, Matthew G. Adkins).

80 - No new creatures.

81 - Braintree, Derro Monstrosity, Derro with Eyestalks, Grimlock-Derro Conjoins, Hydra-Spawned Sucker Tentacles, Illithid Zombies, Immature Neothelids, Multi-Armed Derro Mutants, Multi-Headed Quaggoth, Purple Lichen, Quaggoth Head with Arms, Quaggoth Mutants (Divisions of the Mind, Charles C. Reed).
81 - Darkness (lesser, normal, greater), Demon Rats, Figments, Phantasmal Figure (The Door to Darkness, James Wyatt).

3E From This Point On:

82 - Choke Creeper, Giant Catfish, Giant Leech, Medium-size Monstrous Frog.

83 - Faranth, Half-Ogre, Ogrillon, Crawling Hand (zombie), Giant Ogre, Mountain Goat, Millexium Mouther.

84 - Chaos Spectre, Gargantuan Abyssal Armored Monstrous Spider, Large Abyssal Monstrous Spider, Large Monstrous Redspotted Centipede, Yochlol (The Harrowing, Monte Cook). The yochlol later appeared in Monsters of Faerûn.
84 - Scarecrow, Swamp Lizard, Vampire Rose Bush, Winter Werewolf (template), Yeti. The yeti later appeared in Oriental Adventures and Frostburn.

85 - Scarlet Child (template), Scarlet Lord (Lord of the Scarlet Tide, James Jacobs).

86 - Baaz draconian, Huecuva (template), Kender, Giant Leech. The baaz draconian and kender later appeared in the Dragonlance Campaign Setting. The huecuva later appeared in Fiend Folio.

87 - Ice Golem, Ice Parelemental, Mastodon, White Pudding (Glacier Season, David Eckelberry). NOTE: This ice golem differs from the one found in Frostburn. The ice paraelemental later appeared in Manual of the Planes. The mastodon later appeared in Monster Manual III. The white pudding later appeared in Frostburn.

88 - Two-headed griffon. NOTE: This does not use multiheaded creature template.

89 - Crowheaded Tengu, Frost Giant Mohrg, Chosen of Kostchtchie, Orcus (Demon Prince of Undead). Orcus later appeared in Book of Vile Darkness.

90 - Beholder Machine.

91 - Bog Mummy, Dire Opossum, Half-Machine (template), Monstrous Crab. The monstrous crab later appeared in Stormwrack.

92 - Animated Ballista, Hive Spider Drone, Hive Spider Queen, Mithral Golem, Nightswimmer. The mithral golem later appeared in Epic Level Handbook.

93 - Thunder Worm. The thunder worm later appeared in Fiend Folio.

94 - Huecuva (template), Pack Lizard. The huecuva template later appeared in Fiend Folio.

95 - Orlath (Demon, Tanar'ri).

96 - Animated Golden Shambler.

97 - Ancient Chaos Beast, Animated Mass of Chains, The Colossus.

98 - Harpoon Spider, Werebaboon (template); Norker (in Polyhedron#157 Living Greyhawk Journal portion). The harpoon spider later appeared in Monster Manual III.

99 - Minion of Chaos, Pseudolevithan.

100 - B'kallash Dreadnought (in Polyhedron#159 portion), Duthka'gith (in Polyhedron#159 portion), Kadtanach, Kr'y'izoth, Skeletal Dragon Template, Spectral Hound (in Polyhedron#159 portion), Tl'a'ikith. The Skeletal Dragon Template later appeared in Draconomicon.

101 - Bazim-Gorag the Firebringer (Slaad Lord), Selskar Watchghost. Bazim-Gorag later appeared in Champions of Ruin.

102 - Draconic Fingerlings; Bathar, Kluuv, Nalthis, Vort (all in Polyhedron#161 portion).

103 - Desert Troll, Hueleneaer (both in Polyhedron#162 portion).

104 - No new creatures.

105 - Airgill (symbiont), Scar Baboon.

106 - Drowned One (template), Sea Gull; Yeshir (Halfling Hound), Mazcheden (Tunnel-hunters), Dreamstealer, Dreamstealer-spawn (template), Overseer [All but Drowned One and Sea Gull in Living Greyhawk Journal portion].

107 - Sign of the Smoking Eye (template).

108 - Fiendish Hand Graft.

109 - No new creatures.

110 - Athasian Zombie (template), Baazrag, Baazrag (Boneclaw), Cilops, Cinderbrute, Cloudscout, Critic Lizard, Crodlu, Heavy Crodlu, Floater, Gith, Hurrum, Speckled, Inix, Jankx, Kank, Kes'trekel, Mekillot, Mulworm, Pterrax, Ramphor, Sand Howler, Sand Knight, Spinewyrm, Wavearcher, Z'Tal. (All but the Athasian Zombie are found in the Polyhedron portion).

111 - Tarterian Creature (template), Belgoi, Dune Reaper Drone, Dune Reaper Warrior, Earthdelver, Erdlu, Firesnake, Fordorran, Gaj, Jhakar, Lirr, Mastyrial, Rainrunner, Rasclinn, Razorwing, Seskarran, Wind Raptor, Yallix, Zhakal. (All but the Tarterian Creature are found in the Polyhedron portion).

112- Demon, Colchiln; Demon, Kerzit the Guardian; Demon, Nabassu; Hetfish, Maurid (template), Shoosuva, Slow Shadow, Tyrg (Maure Castle, Robert J. Kuntz and Gary Gygax). The nabassu later appeared in Fiendish Codex 1: Hordes of the Abyss.

113 - No new creatures.

114 - Totem zombie, zombie master (unique undead).

115 - No new creatures. (?)

116 - Adimarchus, Demon Prince of Madness; Lichfiend (template). A different lichfiend appears in Libris Mortis.

117 - Malgothian gargoyle, Memelith (template), Training Golem.

118 - Flumph.

119 - No new creatures. (?)

120 - No new creatures. (?)

121 - No new creatures. (?)

122 - No new creatures. (?)

123 - Erivatius (demigod).

124 - Hordling, Dread Gnasher (sample hordling), Spittlemaw (sample hordling), Skullreaver (sample hordling), Vulturewretch (sample hordling), Seven-Headed Juggernaut, Mad Dragon heads, Pandemonium Beast, Wind Warrior.

125 - Ebon Aspect.

126 - Brass man, gear golem, Killer frog, Kyuss spawnling.

127 - Hiveblood Creature (template), Hiveblood Ettin, Flying Fingers Swarm, Necromancer Knuckles Swarm, Octopin, Greater Doppleganger (updated from Monsters of Faerun).

128 - Froghemoth.

129 - anth-Malar, Chosen of Malar, Oculus Demon, True Ghoul, Wereweasel, Werewolverine.

130 - Demonic caterpillar (unique spirit), Eviscerator Beetle, Kyuss Knight, Sword of Kyuss, Wormcaller, Overworm, Wormswarm, Worm Naga, Soap Swarm.

131 - Acidwraith.

132 - Olive slime, slime creature, sickstone earth elemental, wild watcher.

133 - Raam, The Mother Worm (kaiju carrion crawler).

134 - Giant scarab beetle, The Thing from the Lake, Dragotha, earthcancer centipede, mindkiller scorpion, thessalhydra, wormdrake, Rope of Climbing and Entanglement.

135 - Broodfiend, Kyuss (demigod).

136 - Kamadan, Obah-Blessed Creature (template), Scorned Creature (template), Shensahti.

137 - No new creatures. (?)

138 - Bilge Eel, Hastendeath Spider, Majalor (unique undead), Mud Grue, Tzolo's Guardian, Yurushyu's Automaton.

139 - Rhagodessa, Soul Demon.

140 - Savage Creature (template).

141 - Masher, Mother of All (The Sea Wyvern's Wake, Richard Pett).
141 - Living Shipwreck (Wandering Monster: Living Shipwreck, Richard Pett).

142 - Lemorian Golem (Here There Be Monsters, Jason Bulmahn)
142 - Verdigris Wyrm (Wandering Monster, Greg A. Vaughan)

143 - Slithering Tracker (Wandering Monster, James Jacobs)
143 - Aspect of Zotzilaha (Tides of Dread, Stephen S. Greer and Gary Holian)

144 - Bilewretch, Neh-Thalggu [non-epic version](The Lightless Depths, F. Wesley Schneider and James Lafond Sutter)
144 - Tertian Modron, Arcanaloth (revised)(Diplomacy, Christopher Wissel)

145 - Child of Sehan (Vile Addiction, Tom Ganz, Stefan Happ, Stephen S. Greer, B. Matthew Conklin III, and Ashavan Doyon)
145 - Skinwalker, Khala (unique aspect of Demogorgon), Deinosuchus (City of Broken Idols, Tito Leati)

146 - Demon, Orlath (revised), Lemorian (modified half-fiend template) (Serpents of Scuttlecove, Richard Pett)

147 - Demodragon (Critical Threat: Demodragon, Mike McArtor)
147 - Belairon (Filth Demon)(Into the Maw, Robert J. Schwalb)

148 - Shami-Amourae, Lady of Delights; Chokesnake (Wells of Darkness, Eric L. Boyd)
148 - Spirit of the Wild (The Automatic Hound, James Lafond Sutter)
148 - Webbird (Wandering Monster, Matt Conklin III)

149 - Charon, Iggwilv, Orcus (CR 32 version), Gorgant the Two-Faced (unique aspect of Demogorgon), Major Enderan (unique demon), General Bagromar (clone of Hethradiah), Stygian Linnorm (Enemies of My Enemy, Wolfgang Baur)
149 - Verbeeg (Twisted Night, Stefan Happ)
149 - Black Willow (Wandering Monster, Kevin Baase and Eric Jansing)

150 - Oil Beetle, Living Crystal Statue (Kill Bargle, Jason Bulmahn)
150 - Arendagrost: Maw of the Abyss, Demogorgon (CR 33), General Tetradarian, St. Kargoth the Betrayer (Prince of Demons, Greg Vaughn)
150 - The Fiend-Sage of Rel Astra (unique molydeus demon)(Critical Threat: Fiend-Sage, Sean K Reynolds)
150 - Yugoloth, Dergholoth (Wandering Monster, Todd Stewart)

The print run of Dungeon ends here. :(

151 - Cauchimera, Dracolisk, Gorgimera, Pech, Tooth Golem, Tsojcanth (Iggwilv’s Legacy: The Lost Caverns of Tsojcanth, Ari Marmell and Edward Albert)
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Creature Cataloguer
thanks shade, i would have done this before but i don't have access to many issues of DUNGEON. :) now, anyone want to start a polyhedron thread...? ;)


Creature Cataloguer

Richards (in the DRAGON mag thread) said:
By the way, Undead Pete asked for a listing of monsters that have appeared in the pages of Dungeon. Here's a listing of the ones appearing in the magazine since 3E came out; note that [stats only] means that there was a stat block for the creature in question but not a full Monster Manual-type entry.

Dungeon #82:
Page 25 - Halfling skeleton [stats only]
Page 28 - Ogre skeleton [stats only]
Page 76- Choke Creeper [stats only]
Page 80 - Giant Catfish [stats only]
Page 81 - Giant Leech [stats only]
Page 82 - Medium-size Monstrous Frog [stats only]
Page 84 - Ogre Zombie [stats only]

Dungeon #83:
Page 29 - Faranth
Page 36 - Half-Ogre [stats only]
Page 38 - Ogrillon [stats only]
Page 44 - Crawling Hand (zombie) [stats only]
Page 49 - Giant Ogre [stats only]
Page 70 - Mountain Goat [stats only]
Page 86 - Dire Rat Skeleton [stats only]
Page 94 - Millexium Mouther

Dungeon #84:
Page 30 - Chaos Spectre [stats only]
Page 41 - Large Abyssal Monstrous Spider [stats only]
Page 45 - Iron Spider Golem [stats only]
Page 47 - Gargantuan Abyssal Armored Monstrous Spider [stats only]
Page 49 - Huge Abyssal Monstrous Spider Ghost [stats only]
Page 57 - Yochlol
Page 70 - Advanced Homonculus [stats only]
Page 81 - Winged Cat [stats only]
Page 82 - Gargantuan Elasmosaurus Zombie [stats only]
Page 82 - Winged Owlbear [stats only]
Page 84 - Vampire Rose Bush [stats only]
Page 87 - Scarecrow [stats only]
Page 88 - Animated Suits of Armor [stats only]
Page 89 - Abyssal Dire Bat [stats only]
Page 91 - Animated Skeletal Arms [stats only]
Page 96 - Large Gargoyle [stats only]
Page 113 - Large Monstrous Redspotted Centipede [stats only]
Page 114 - Osyluth Skeleton [stats only]
Page 115 - Fiendish Red Wyrmling Dragon [stats only]
Page 115 - Swamp Lizard [stats only]
Page 118 - Gnoll Zombie [stats only]
Page 118 - Human Monk Zombie [stats only]
Page 119 - Gnoll Skeleton [stats only]
Page 119 - Human Monk Skeleton [stats only]
Page 120 - Gnoll Ghost [stats only]
Page 122 - Animated Dagger [stats only]
Page 123 - Osyluth Zombie [stats only]
Page 130 - Yeti [stats only]
Page 134 - Winter Werewolf

Dungeon #86:
Page 38 - Baaz Draconian
Page 39 - Kender
Page 72 - Huecuva [template]

Dungeon #87:
Page 96 - White Pudding [stats only]
Page 104 - Ice Golem
Page 106 - Small Ice Paraelemental
Page 106 - Medium Ice Paraelemental
Page 106 - Large Ice Paraelemental
Page 106 - Huge Ice Paraelemental
Page 106 - Greater Ice Paraelemental
Page 106 - Elder Ice Paraelemental

Dungeon #89:
Page 53 - Frost Giant Mohrg [stats only]
Page 53 - Old White Dragon Simulacra [stats only]
Page 55 - Animated Trophies [stats only]
Page 64 - Orcus, Demon Prince of Undead

Dungeon #91:
Page 60 - Bog Mummy [stats only]
Page 61 - Dire Opossum [stats only]
Page 106 - Half-Machine [template]

Dungeon #92:
Page 42 - Animated Ballista
Page 43 - Githyanki
Page 44 - Githzerai
Page 63 - Hive Spider Drone
Page 63 - Hive Spider Queen
Page 96 - Nightswimmer [stats only]

Dungeon #93:
Page 78 - Thunder Worm
Page 100 - White Roc

Dungeon #94:
Page 38 - Huecuva [template] (again)
Page 90 - Pack Lizard

I'm not sure why there isn't anything for Dungeons #85, 88, and 90, but there's a a good chance I just forgot to update my files for those issues. It's also possible that I stopped being as meticulous as I was for #84, instead of there being a sudden drop-off in the numbers of new monsters. But in any case, this ought to be a good start, if anyone else wants to throw in their own observations.

Come to think of it, I know I'm missing some monsters: I'm positive there was a wooly mammoth (or something similar) listing in "Glacier Season," whichever issue that was in. And where's the kurge? I remember it was in the adventure with the Tharizdun cult. Okay, this apparently isn't an example of my best compilation work. Don't hold it against me, okay?



Monster Junkie
BOZ said:
thanks shade, i would have done this before but i don't have access to many issues of DUNGEON. :) now, anyone want to start a polyhedron thread...? ;)

I've got about 3/4 of the 3E issues, but very few prior to 3E. The rest I found from internet searches.

Thanks for the additional list. I added those that weren't simply advanced versions of existing creatues or skeleton/zombies of various things (since they are now a template anyway).

If anyone knows of more, especially in the older issues, please post!

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