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Updated and differentiated if monster is found in the Polyhedron or Living Greyhawk portion of magazine.


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Hello there all. I have been looking for the stats on a faerie unicorn published in Dragon Magazine #190. Would love to see its conversion, if possible. =0))


Monster Junkie
I don't have the original stats for that one, but if you have them, post 'em in this forum and we'll see what we can do. :)


Shade said:
1 - White Crow, Razorweed
2 - Epadrazzil, Tyrannabyss
3- Hatred, Ambition, Power, Pain
4 - Crystal Spider, Rabid Gopher, Cow of Ill Omen, Gummy Worms, Beatnik Zombies, Soap Dragon, Puppet of Heck, Darn, Jujubee, Little Devils, Half-Ogre
5 - Phantasm, Shami-Amourae (demigoddess of debased eros, queen of succubi, "The lady of Delights"), Dreyneld (God of..) I try not to list the deities...;) , Hirwald's Air Elemental
6 - Tortle, Giant Oyster, Coral Beast
7- botswanna golgalarka
8 - Spectramouse
9 -
10 - Ilsidahur (Demon Lord).
12 - Saltwater Aboleth, Spottled Toad
13 - Hivebrood, MacDaer (major cambion).
14 - "Demon" (not a demon), Havenmere Sheep, Conjurer Puppet, Stun Puppet, Ventriloquist Puppet, Black Golem, Greater Black Golem, Wood Golem, Greater Wererat
15 - Blue Mold, Gakarak, Giant Fanged Python, Grey Philosopher, Hzu Tzu (greater nature spirit), Malice, Possession, Sacrol
16 - Electrum Dragon
17 - Gak-nis-gogk
18 - Tako (now appears in OA), Wani(Gargantuan Crocodile), Flying Dagger
19 - House Hunter(Adult, Young)
20 -
21 - Stymphalia Bird, Odic (aka..Treebane, Elfslayer, Forest Spirit, Purple Death, Beacon of Death)
22 - Ahmoras, Equus, Spirit Leopard, Tuyewera(Mechanical, Original), Centaur Skeleton
23 - Abhir
24 - Death-From-Above, Draknor, Time Elemental, Ulitharid(Noble Illithid)

i added a few more. i just finished looking thru issues 1-24. i'll add 25-48 tomorrow.
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Monster Junkie
Thanks, Diaglo! I updated my list with your findings.

I've been leaving off skeletons and zombies of various creatures, since it seems like there are tons of them, and I don't think we'll convert them since these are templates now.

Are there no new creatures in issues 9, 11, and 20, or do you not have them?


Shade said:
Are there no new creatures in issues 9, 11, and 20, or do you not have them?

i have the issues and looked thru them last night, but i didn't see any new creatures.

i have all of the issues. even the Poly/Dungeon merged ones. :mad: which needless to say: my hat for Poly know no limit :]

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