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Everything's Fine
I can't even read my own writing haha

Here's what I rolled up for the characteristics of this level. I may continue to tweak the dimensions - even the size of Puerto Rico for a level feels large now...

  1. “Underground”
  2. “Wetlands”
  3. “23-32F” BRRR, that's cold
  4. “Minimal/annual precipitation”
  5. “Clear air quality"
  6. “Hunter gatherer cultural density"

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Some good advice from Zedeck Siew (somewhat undermined by his beautiful maps)

I’m keeping my #dungeon23 with no plan and no outline.

I’m keeping it in my notebook. I am not digitising the text. It must remain uneditable. It must remain as sketches and notes.

This way it doesn’t trigger my brain to go: “Okay, you are writing (ie: working) now.”

For now, it remains un-instrumentalisable. Unseen and unable to serve the market. Once I’m done with it, who knows? But while I do it it remains play, a way for me to serve myself.



My first room - it is in German. So, I'm writing this Dungeon23 like I would an adventure ... so we start at the beginning t Lvl. 1 and of course we start in a Tavern where the PCs will meet their grouppatron and get their first quests.
Level 1 of the Adventurere will be to get the key to the megdungeon from another location (Minidungeon) and installing a hedquarter in town. Level 2 will be a hex crawl to the megadungeon and getting in the first time and levels 3 to 12 will be the actual Megadungeon.
So I will be doing a room a day or a hex or some other detail in the first two levels (so January / Feburary) that I try to get all location based and from Level 3 / march on it will be the big Dungeon.


Goblin Queen (She/Her/Hers)
How do you plan to handle this? There's no "perfect" way to do it. As Sean McCoy wrote today - this is you vs you. No one else matters
I’ll probably roll the contents for this week’s rooms today (I planned to do that week-by-week instead of day-by-day anyway) and use the interim time to brainstorm a bit on the arrangement of the rooms. If I have to do a few two-room days this week and/or next week, no big deal. If it doesn’t get here by the end of the day on Tuesday, I’ll start mapping on spare graph paper and reproduce it in the notebook when it comes.
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