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Eyes of Nine

Everything's Fine

Eyes of Nine

Everything's Fine
I've started doing this. I'm taking a system agnostic, minimalist approach. I'm using the "Solo Dungeon Adventures" tables from The Strategic Review, #1 and the dungeon matrix from the LBBs (1974). I spent some time getting set up yesterday, but so far I've been surprised how little actual time I'm spending on creating the rooms. The challenge for me is pacing myself and waiting until tomorrow to do the next room. I've already got two more rooms and a door that might have a room behind it to do over the next few days. Can't wait to find out what's in them!
I dreamed about my dungeon23 last night, and fleshed out the rest of this level! BUT! I only documented one encounter today. I have some more distance to go this week, maybe another dream will send me off orthogonally - who knows? Either way, I woke up STOKED to spend 10-15 minutes on my dungeon23. I've spent more time reading about it here in this thread than I spent on today's entry lol...

I'll be posting my week's worth of work at the end of the week I think


01.02: Guard Alcove

Accesses: Door on the north wall leading to the Grounds.

Description: This close chamber was once the place where the Alastairn gate guard would stay out of the elements. It is sparsely furnished, including a stone bench and an ancient, rusted brazier where a fire once burned.

Weird Flames: If a PC enters the alcove at night and closes the door, sealing themself inside, something strange happens. An immediate sense of anxiety and dread begins to overcome the character and after less than a minute they feel the urge to flee, as if affected by a fear spell. However, the door will not open! Then, the brazier lights with cold blue flames that seem to be dying embers. Through the door they hear a muffled, angry voice say, “Shirk because of a little chill, will you? Then stay in there!” Slowly over the next few moments the brazier’s light fades and deep, killing cold fills the alcove. When the last bit of light from the brazier finally winks out, the character feels a frozen hand grip their own. Once this happens the character (or their companions outside) are free to open the door. There is no evidence of the event and neither the chamber nor the brazier radiate as magical. This haunting only occurs once per night and never twice for the same PC.


To what extent are you using random generators?
Right now, it's so early I don't really need them. I have a few things in mind for the next month or so. I'm planning to incorporate a lot of old ideas from campaigns I ran in the late 90's and early 00's. I have three notebooks of gaming notes, NPC's, magic items, etc. ;)

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