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2.3 Monolith Cave
  • First Glance
    • Black stone monolith, tapering with pyramidal top. 8 feet tall.
  • Closer Look
    • Monolith radiates magic
    • There is no moss or insects or any other life in the cave
  • Secrets
    • The nearby goblins revere the monolith, but they don't know who put it here or what it is
    • If we're being totally honest, neither does the designer of the dungeon
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0X.03: Fungal Forest

Form: A large cavern (a mile longa nd a half mile at its widest point) with varying terrain, dominated by fungal “trees” and other flora.

Illumination: A massive bioluminescent ball grows on the ceiling, looking like and providing light similar to a full moon.

At First Glance: The forest of fungal “trees” and “bushes” is dense with growth. There are hundreds of different kinds of fungi here and lots of insects and small animals like lizards and reptilian bat analogs.

On Close Inspection: Perceptive characters will find game trails and also be able to tell that specific kinds of fungal growths are harvested for materials (the “wood” of the hut in area 0X.01) or for food (indicating what is safe to eat).

Secrets: There is a moderate chance that garkling foresters are present in the fungal forest when the PCs arrive. They will stay hidden and attempt to observe the PCs to determine their intent before either fleeing back to their village (0X.04) if the PCs seem dangerous, or parlaying with them if the PCs seem safe.

Treasure: If characters spend an hour harvesting, they can acquire enough food for an adult humanoid for one full day. Harvested fungal fruits will last 2d4-1 days before rotting and becoming toxic.

Connections: A passage northwest leads to the underground lake shore (0X.01) and a passage to the northeast leads to the garkling village (0X.04).


01.04: Garkling Village

Note: Garklings are intelligent, humanoids with features reminiscent of pale salamanders. They are indigenous to the underrealm. They were here before the Godecho came, but because they track time by generations it is impossible to know how long ago that was.

Form: The garkling village is located in a smaller cavern in which the fungal forest has been cleared. There is a spring fed pond in the cavern as well.

Illumination: The garklings cultivate a blue-white bioluminescent fungus and the village is well lit by garkling standards (and only moderately gloomy by surface standards).

At First Glance: The garkling village is a collection of a dozen circular, fungal plank huts surrounding a much larger communal hut. The village is surrounded by a hedge of thorny fungal bushes with one entrance facing the passage into the cavern and a break in the wall adjacent to the pond where they raise sightless fish. Dog sized hoppers roam freely, raised by the garklings for their larva and ichor and kept as pets.

On Closer Inspection: Approximately thirty garklings live in the village. They are distrustful of outsiders but not outright hostile. They will trade for metal weapons and armor, offering food, hoppers or information in return. Their chief, a corpulent figure called Mulkov, lives in the communal hut with their garkling warrior consorts. A shaman called Gelth can provide healing and translation, knowing the common tongue from the upper world.

Secrets: The garklings live in fear of the Godecho and its monsters. Mostly they keep their heads down, but will assist those who find themselves trapped in the underrealm. If characters are friendly and helpful toward the garklings, Gelth with give them directions to Undertown (0X.xx) where more exiles from the upper world have gathered into a community of sorts.

Treasure: the garklings do not have much of worth, besides food and Gelth’s healing abilities. The chief and their warriors are armed with metal tipped spears and swords clearly from the surface world, however.

Connections: the only obvious entrance is the wide tunnel connecting the garkling village to the fungal forest (0x.03). However, a mile long submerged tunnel leads from the pond back to the lake (0X.01) and to the well in chamber 01.05.


Room 55 - The Three Dwarves

This 15'x15' room is usually locked (DC 15 to pick or break open). The three dwarven residents (Gostraen, Hjuldohr, and Thulgrami) are commonly off to the west trying to mine during the day. They breakfast and dinner with Myrsina (usually breakfast with her in #60 and dinner here) and spend the evening playing cards after she leaves, although they sometimes either try to bargain for alcohol or throw rocks in the Tunnel (room #58). They have no suspicions of what Myrsina really is and will protect her to the utmost - even in the face of an otherwise reasonable amount of evidence against her. They will, for example, almost surely believe that a party lured her to them and attacked her, instead of her actually having snuck in to murder the party.

The room has three beds - each with a chamber pot and chest with extra clothes and boots underneath and weapons rack at the end, a table with four stools and a pack of cards, and a workbench with tools. An oil lantern hangs on a hook near the table, and a second sits on the workbench. Each dwarf currently has around 50gp worth of coins and gems on them as well.

View attachment 274633


The description of Three Dwarves below is an adaptation of material taken from the System Reference Document 5.1 (“SRD 5.1”) by Wizards of the Coast LLC and available at Systems Reference Document | Dungeons & Dragons. The SRD 5.1 is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License available at Creative Commons — Attribution 4.0 International — CC BY 4.0 .

Each of the Three Dwarves' base stats are:

AC 14 (Chain Shirt)
Hit Points 34 (5d8+12)
Speed 25 feet

Str 14 (+2), Dex 12 (+1), Con 16 (+3), Int 10 (+0), Wis 8 (-1), Chr 9 (-1)

Skills: Athletics +1, Intimidation +1, Survival +2
Damage Resistance: Poison
Senses: Darkvision 60'
Languages: Common, Dwarvish, Giant.
Challenge 1 (200xp)

Pack Tactics - The Three Dwarves have advantage on an attack roll against a creature if at least one other of the Three Dwarves is within 5 feet of the creature and that Dwarf is not incapacitated.


Multiattack: Each of the Three Dwarves can make two melee attacks.

Warhammer: Melee Weapon Attack: +4 to hit, reach 5ft, one target. Hit: 6 (d8+2) bludgeoning damage or 7 (d10+2) bludgeoning damage if used with tow hands to make a melee attack.

Crossbow, heavy: Ranged weapon attack: +3 to hit, range 100/400, one target. Hit 6 (d10+1) piercing damage.

Note that:

Gostraen has black hair and beard, 18 Con, a +1 Chain Shirt, and a Potion of Healing (Uncommon). (So HP 39, AC 15).

Hjuldhor has red hair and beard, 14 Dex, a +1 Crossbow, and a Feather Token. (So AC 15 and an additional +2 to hit and damage with the crossbow).

Thulgrami has brown hair and beard, 16 Str, a +1 Warhammer, and a Potion of Climbing. (So an additional +2 to hit and damage with the warhammer).

Dwarf names courtesy of https://www.fantasynamegenerators.com/dwarf-names.php .

Room 38 - Hyrex's Room

This 10'x 20' room is the new space for Hyrex the Dwarf (formerly of room 39). Commonly called in for all things related to fixing doors on the upper level (from masonry to woodworking to locksmithing), those in the know - about his skill set and not true nature - also call on him for scouting and engineering in raids.

Things used to be easier for a Kumo like Hyrex, perfectly set up in a suite of rooms that continually attracted unsuspecting new dupes. And then the replacements on the floor became more wary, and then Shirazz was somehow in charge... and the Mayor feels dangerously wrong. And it doesn't even feel safe to take advantage of being the one who put in everyone's locks. It felt like moving out to make space for the gnomes would buy some cover... but then cleaning up the room without others looking was a nightmare of planning and... Anyway, the front half of the room has his work space - table, two stools, oil lantern, and racks with locksmith, masonry, and woodworking tools. The back half is separated by a thick curtain, and (instead of webs and victims) depressingly has a bed and chamber pot. His studded leather armor and twin hand axes now stay on hooks on the wall.

It would be easier if he could stop picturing how to kill them all or how they would taste. Thank goodness for the periodic opportunities that still come along even if they aren't as satisfying as getting his neighbors would be.


The Kumo (CR 4, large monstrosity (shape changer)) can be found in Beasts from the East: Japan from Evil Beagle Games. Which doesn't seem to be on DrivethruRPG anymore, so I might have to post a 1.0a supplement for the Dungeon.

The next room created (#54) is in post #508 D&D General - #Dungeon23 .
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2. This 10’ x 10’ room is occupied by a superhero: Linota the Wolf.

3. This 20’ x 30’ room is empty.

4. This 50’ diameter circular room contains a heap of refuse. Hidden under the waste are some small coffers containing a total of 2,000 sp.

5. This 30’ x 30’ room is empty.

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