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Day 37

After a refreshing swim in a very trustworthy looking cave with a small lake, enchanting sounds and a statue of a mermaid, I woke up in another cave next to a half-eaten corpse and a large pile of gnawed on bones. I know I should be worried, but the sound of the waves and these ethereal sounds are so soothing...
I could just go back to sleep and relax.
These voices talking about eating me are not a worry at all...

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0X.06: Labyrinthine Tunnels

Form: Tight, twisting caverns.

Illumination: Pitch black.

At First Glance: Like the hunting grounds (0X.02) that led here, these caverns are tight, twisting, jagged tunnels that stop unexpectedly, turn back on one another and otherwise confound attempts to navigate them.

On Closer Inspection: Evidence suggests that creatures do traverse these tunnels: corpses and skeletons, dropped gear and the occasional attempt at a hatch mark or blazed sign.

Secrets: The whisperers -- the Godecho’s cultists in the chambers beyond -- know these tunnels well, using them to spy on and sometimes abduct garklings as well as investigate new arrivals. They leave a very subtle trail of marks that canny characters can use to navigate the paths.

Treasure: There is a minor chance of discovering a random piece of lost mundane gear for every hour spent exploring the labyrinthine tunnels.

Connections: Following the whisperers’ marks leads between the hunting grounds (0X.02) and the echo chamber (0X.xx) to the north and Whisperdale (0X.xx) to the west. However, misinterpreting the signs will lead the too-clever-for-their-own-good characters down into sparkling death (0X.xx).


Room 54 - The North Fey Hallway

This 45'x 10' hallway has a high arched ceiling - 15' at the edges and 18' in the middle. The hall has three doors on each side and a large picture (?) covered with a sheet at the north end. The south end likely had a door at one point but it is missing, and the fountain in 53 can be seen and the bubbling heard. The solid stone and brick walls for the hall and rooms in this wing have a pink-tinged high-quality stucco applied and the doors are a solid unbound maple with brass handles. The stone floor is covered with flagstone, and the floor in the hall shows scattered chippings that might be from horse hooves (a DC 18 check - DC 12 after seeing the painting in the South Fey Hall- would reveal it is only three hooves). The rooms have 10' ceilings and lighting as noted in their individual descriptions. For the hall, there are four lanterns affixed to the walls (between the doors) illuminated by continual flame. Having light on both sides does much to minimize shadows.
  • The door to room 56 has a sign that says “Open for Boarders. Knock on the Rose Door”. (It is not the same handwriting as in the South Fae Hall).
  • The door to room 57 has as a spear carved into the center of it with a raven on each side. (The carving is of good amateur quality).
  • The door to room 60 has a brass vase attached to the middle of it containing three carved wooden roses, a peep-hole that can be covered from the inside, and a small brass knocker.
  • The doors to room 55, 58, and 59 have nothing especially identifying.
There is a sheet covering a painting (?) at the north end of hall. It radiates strong Divination and Illusion. Under the cover is actually a 3' wide by 4' tall oval mirror. The mirror has a frame made of ebony with mithral letters on the top side saying "Mirror, Mirror, on the Wall..." in common. The mirror itself is glassteel over silver.

Anyone asking the mirror a question about a personal characteristic (such as "Mirror, mirror on the wall, who is the fairest one of all.") will cause a vaguely human face to appear and give an answer. The answer depends on the asker.

Since the Tesseract erupted in the South Fae Hall (above room 70), it has misbehaved and Myrsina has covered it. The reaction depends on how succeptable the victim is to the warping (see room 53).
  • For a being who is not susceptible the mirror will blather an insult that has a good chance of not even being related to the question asked.
  • For a being who is susceptible, the mirror will scathingly insult them and and the effect is as per a Banshee's Horrifying Visage (just for them).
  • For the first being each day who is primed, the mirror will begin to be excessively complimentary as the target (and anyone else primed who is viewing it) becomes subject to the effect of a Banshee's Wail (albeit, without the sound of a wail).
Before it was warped its answers were much different (and will be again if the thing in the Tesseract is dealt with):
  • For Myrsina it will be something complementary and superlative if possible.
  • For another Fae of less status than Myrsina, it will be something indicating that Myrsina is better.
  • For another Fae of greater status than Myrsina, it will be truthful, indicating the being who excells most at that and that the viewer does not.
  • For an Undead, it will indicate that they are certainly damned to the appropriate place in the afterlife.
  • For any other being it will be complementary (although not superlative). The first time it will be used each week per person, the complemented individual will recieve a bonus point of inspiration that will be usable for up to one week.
Previously, if anyone tried to steal it the mirror would have yelled for help. Now it will just laugh maniacally.

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Will be renumbering the hallway 50 to be 31 and adjusting the description slightly at some point soon.

Room 49 - The Common Room

This 40'x20' room with a 15' ceiling has double doors to the entrance hallway (north), the kitchen hallway (south), and the center court (east). Each set of double doors has the right door (as you approach) marked with an upward arrow and the left door marked with an X. They open in the direction of the side with the X. There are two decorative glass chandeliers with four continual flame each illuminating the room.

The room is typically set up to have six tables with benches that can seat up to three on each side, a serving table near the center, and three small circular tables with removable tops that are used to return the dirty dishes. Many of the residents apparently prefer to sit alone -- but all generally show up (to keep up appearances if nothing else).

Breakfast and lunch are typically cold meals set out from 5am to 8am and 11:30am to 2:30pm respectively, while dinner is typically hot and set out at 7:00pm. When the meals are ready, a Red and Yellow checkered cloth is hung on the entry door from the center court. The northern two tables are unofficially reserved for the Legionnaires.

The room can be rearranged on special occasions for combat practice, dancing, entertainment, a hospital, or a community meeting. A black flag indicates the room is closed for private use by the Legion.


The next room created (#83) is in post #521 D&D General - #Dungeon23 .
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Day 38

Getting bitten and almost eaten alive is a good way to get your wits and survival instincts back. Those damn mermaids had me trapped pretty good... but I managed to convince them not to eat me and to let me go. I can be quite charming when my life depends on it. Being able to throw a few magical fistfuls of magic helps too, I suppose.
The mermaids showed me their shop. It's quite a business they've set up. They lure unsuspecting sailors from the beach or the sea, make them comfortable and then eat them. Their equipment and clothing is then cleaned, repaired and taken to the market in Freehaven where it is sold. It is very efficient and nothing is wasted.
What should I do with them? I can't really let them keep eating people. But I don't want to kill them, they seem so nice and they have quite a business sense. Maybe I can convince them to change their business model to something less lethal.




Necropolis, Week 1: North Quarter​

Silent, dark. Events are fuel use, panic/disorientation, and wandering skeletons (they simply rise from tombs or peel themselves off the walls).

Apparent trunk line leads past the pit, but the trap there may close the path. Alternate paths: down the pit, down from the tomb with a view, or through the horrors of the Midden.

1: Temple Stair
  • A spiral stair and long hall of close-fitted stone.
  • (?) Links to the temple arcade in the city.

2: Pit
  • A winding stone corridor, featureless aside from the black pit in the floor. On the West side of the pit, the corridor turns aside from a giant stone death’s head carved in the wall.
  • (!) The pit blocks the path, 10’ long and 60’ deep, ending in the chest-deep water of the sump.
  • (!) Stepping on the pressure plate flagstones past the West edge triggers the moving wall (death’s head), which shifts quickly forward until it is flush with the edge of the pit.
  • (??) Uneven flagstones on the Western side of the corridor.

3: Path of Bones
  • The walls of this deep, winding tunnel are made of human bones.
  • (??) There is the faintest breeze moving toward 1: Temple Stair.

4: Looted Tholos Tomb
  • A beehive-shaped tomb of fitted stone, 20’ high at its peak. In the centre is a raised limestone sarcophagus. The open lid is shaped like a youth in silken finery.
  • (?) Inside is nothing but bones.
  • (?) Small brass darts scattered about the room’s edge. The tips are smeared black (with a crippling blood poison, adder’s kiss).
  • (??) Sarcophagus base is ringed by little holes.

5: Dead End
  • The desiccated remains of a person, huddled foetal against the dead-end wall.
  • (?) No signs of injury. Rotted clothes, 1 coin, and a dagger.

6: Tomb with a View
  • Another beehive tomb with sarcophagus as per #4. An open portal looks over the Prince’s Tower of the Central Tholos, with its jade sarcophagus and golden urns.
  • (!) Dart trap is armed. Until the venom is neutralised, a wound weeps black ooze and the affected area begins to rot.
  • (?) Corpse has a golden torc and a fine sword with sapphires in its hilt (100 coins each).
  • (?) The sump is 60 feet below.

7: Bone Stair
  • A narrow stair made of human femurs, leading up to the Midden. A faint but hideous smell of rot and burnt flesh drifts from the opening.


0X.07: Helgate Chasm

Form: A wide chasm lit by an ominous orange glow.

Illumination: Darkness except within a few dozen yards of the chasm, which is lit by a dim and malevolent orange light.

At First Glance: The tunnel from 0X.01 narrows and goes for a hundred yards or more before wideninging slighting into a cavern dominated by a rift in the earth. A chasm 50 feet wide blocks the cavern. It glows with light that might come from hell itself: red orange and ominous, stinking of sulfur, and carrying moans on its foul breeze.

On Closer Inspection: There is a definite updraft from the chasm as hot air rises. While there is no visible smoke on that breeze, it is foul with toxic gas. Anyone flying or hovering over the chasm for more than a few minutes may succumb to the gas, losing consciousness and tumbling in to their doom.

Secrets: Despite appearances, the chasm is not unpassable. There is a bridge built over the chasm, made of deepearth blacksteel constructed by the Baelishite dwarves who abandoned their bastion in 01.05. The bridge is invisible to those without deep sight (like dwarves) but can be discovered through trial and error.

Connections: Across the chasm, the tunnel continues west to 0X.xx and branches southwest to 0X/xx.

Here's my "point crawl" map thus far (such that it is.


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