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Eyes of Nine

Everything's Fine
Week 5
A vast flat necropolis with various undead factions vying with each other as well as the holy host and their kenku servants

I'll be honest, the final day (yesterday) I ran out of steam - my equivalent to "Empty Room"


My cat destroyed my maps, so it took me a few days to get caught up on level 2.
View attachment 274745
2. This 10’ x 10’ room is occupied by a superhero: Linota the Wolf.

3. This 20’ x 30’ room is empty.

4. This 50’ diameter circular room contains a heap of refuse. Hidden under the waste are some small coffers containing a total of 2,000 sp.

5. This 30’ x 30’ room is empty.

Sounds like you have a great handout for your players.

"You find a map of the dungeon, clawed to pieces by a terrifying, violent, and capricious monster."

Week 5

Here the metro tunnel has caved in leading to the undercity's sewage systems. Here, there is a large trash compacting area (a la star wars) that operates automatically. One person's trash is another's treasure, though, so those who sort through the trash might find some useful things, like a plastic trashbag of holding, which contains another 10' cubic feet of trash. The bottom tunnel is a larger sewer line. Mindless Oozes form here, and the malodorous stench is also mildly explosive.

Week 5.jpg


Day 36

Against all wisdom I followed the enchanting sounds into the cave. Saw the most beautiful statue of a mermaid sitting in a small cave lake. The water looks clear and refreshing. Perfect for a relaxing swim that will surely replenish our strength. In no way could this be a trap.

After returning from my school trip last week, I caught a cold and have been struggling to keep up. I don't have anything in full to post yet, but am continuing to doodle on the dungeon in various ways. I've been pondering the columned hall (room 1/26) in my Smith's Home map (posted here on the 26th). The smith is a forgeling, which is a dwarf infused with the spirit of a fire elemental (from Dungeon Fantasy Monsters 2, p. 18-19). He has literal flames for hair and cannot use flammable items. This got me to wondering what if he was into books anyway. Maybe he has a fireproof study or something where he can work with paper books (this will be room 1/27, I think). But maybe he also commissions carvings of his favorite stories into stone. Thus his true library is a massive hall of columns, each with a spiral staircase around it where you can read the carved runes as you climb.

While considering these columns, I became a bit obsessed with the geometry of the whole thing, so I spent some time using Python and PLaSM to mock up a simple 3D model until I found proportions that I liked. Here are a few images from that work.

Looking straight along one of the aisles (the columns are in a 5x3 grid, so there's another row off to the right):


Turning to the right:


View from higher up (the camera here would be in the rock wall, but that's ok):

The squares are scaled to be a yard across. Thus the columns are 2-yards diameter and the stairs stick out another yard. The height between loops of the spiral is about 7 feet, so it will feel cramped to taller characters, but is quite spacious for dwarves. I'm imagining the columns being 15 yards tall.

Alas, the software I'm using doesn't allow me to map a texture to the columns, so I can't slap some runes on them. Maybe someday...


Room 38 - Hyrex's Room

This 10'x 20' room is the new space for Hyrex the Dwarf (formerly of room 39). Commonly called in for all things related to fixing doors on the upper level (from masonry to woodworking to locksmithing), those in the know - about his skill set and not true nature - also call on him for scouting and engineering in raids.

Things used to be easier for a Kumo like Hyrex, perfectly set up in a suite of rooms that continually attracted unsuspecting new dupes. And then the replacements on the floor became more wary, and then Shirazz was somehow in charge... and the Mayor feels dangerously wrong. And it doesn't even feel safe to take advantage of being the one who put in everyone's locks. It felt like moving out to make space for the gnomes would buy some cover... but then cleaning up the room without others looking was a nightmare of planning and... Anyway, the front half of the room has his work space - table, two stools, oil lantern, and racks with locksmith, masonry, and woodworking tools. The back half is separated by a thick curtain, and (instead of webs and victims) depressingly has a bed and chamber pot. His studded leather armor and twin hand axes now stay on hooks on the wall.

It would be easier if he could stop picturing how to kill them all or how they would taste. Thank goodness for the periodic opportunities that still come along even if they aren't as satisfying as getting his neighbors would be.

View attachment 274688

The Kumo (CR 4, large monstrosity (shape changer)) can be found in Beasts from the East: Japan from Evil Beagle Games. Which doesn't seem to be on DrivethruRPG anymore, so I might have to post a 1.0a supplement for the Dungeon.

Room 54 - The North Fey Hallway

This 45'x 10' hallway has a high arched ceiling - 15' at the edges and 18' in the middle. The hall has three doors on each side and a large picture (?) covered with a sheet at the north end. The south end likely had a door at one point but it is missing, and the fountain in 53 can be seen and the bubbling heard. The solid stone and brick walls for the hall and rooms in this wing have a pink-tinged high-quality stucco applied and the doors are a solid unbound maple with brass handles. The stone floor is covered with flagstone, and the floor in the hall shows scattered chippings that might be from horse hooves (a DC 18 check - DC 12 after seeing the painting in the South Fey Hall- would reveal it is only three hooves). The rooms have 10' ceilings and lighting as noted in their individual descriptions. For the hall, there are four lanterns affixed to the walls (between the doors) illuminated by continual flame. Having light on both sides does much to minimize shadows.
  • The door to room 56 has a sign that says “Open for Boarders. Knock on the Rose Door”. (It is not the same handwriting as in the South Fae Hall).
  • The door to room 57 has as a spear carved into the center of it with a raven on each side. (The carving is of good amateur quality).
  • The door to room 60 has a brass vase attached to the middle of it containing three carved wooden roses, a peep-hole that can be covered from the inside, and a small brass knocker.
  • The doors to room 55, 58, and 59 have nothing especially identifying.
There is a sheet covering a painting (?) at the north end of hall. It radiates strong Divination and Illusion. Under the cover is actually a 3' wide by 4' tall oval mirror. The mirror has a frame made of ebony with mithral letters on the top side saying "Mirror, Mirror, on the Wall..." in common. The mirror itself is glassteel over silver.

Anyone asking the mirror a question about a personal characteristic (such as "Mirror, mirror on the wall, who is the fairest one of all.") will cause a vaguely human face to appear and give an answer. The answer depends on the asker.

Since the Tesseract erupted in the South Fae Hall (above room 70), it has misbehaved and Myrsina has covered it. The reaction depends on how succeptable the victim is to the warping (see room 53).
  • For a being who is not susceptible the mirror will blather an insult that has a good chance of not even being related to the question asked.
  • For a being who is susceptible, the mirror will scathingly insult them and and the effect is as per a Banshee's Horrifying Visage (just for them).
  • For the first being each day who is primed, the mirror will begin to be excessively complimentary as the target (and anyone else primed who is viewing it) becomes subject to the effect of a Banshee's Wail (albeit, without the sound of a wail).
Before it was warped its answers were much different (and will be again if the thing in the Tesseract is dealt with):
  • For Myrsina it will be something complementary and superlative if possible.
  • For another Fae of less status than Myrsina, it will be something indicating that Myrsina is better.
  • For another Fae of greater status than Myrsina, it will be truthful, indicating the being who excells most at that and that the viewer does not.
  • For an Undead, it will indicate that they are certainly damned to the appropriate place in the afterlife.
  • For any other being it will be complementary (although not superlative). The first time it will be used each week per person, the complemented individual will recieve a bonus point of inspiration that will be usable for up to one week.
Previously, if anyone tried to steal it the mirror would have yelled for help. Now it will just laugh maniacally.


The next room created (#49) is in post #513 D&D General - #Dungeon23 .
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0X.05: Broken Bastion

Form: A ruined fortress blocks the cavern here.

At First Glance: The fortress blocks the passage northeast from the hunting grounds (0X.02). There is a tall wall, a gate and a keep, all of obviously upper world construction. It is in a crumbling state and appears to be very old.

On Closer Inspection: The fortress is of dwarven design and construction, though who knows who did the labors. Inside the ruins, evidence suggests that the fortress held for some number of years and was manned by dwarves as well as garklings. Eventually it was breached, however, and those protecting it either fled or were carried off since there are neither corpses nor graves here.

Secrets: An unfortunate company of Baelishite dwarves ended up trapped in the underrealm and did their best to establish a foothold while they searched for a way home, including befriending the garklings who lived here at the time. Unfortunately, the dwarves attracted the ire of the Godecho and their fortress was ultimately destroyed by the monsters that serve that entity.
Deep in the fortress one such enemy remains: a wrathful arachnopede dwells still in the depths of the ruins and will attack anyone investigating.

Treasure: During the construction of the fortress, the dwarves came across a vein of deepearth blacksteel, which they used to craft their weapons and armor but of which a few ingots yet remain in the ruins.

Connections: A well is the keep garden connects to a submerged tunnel that leads to both the lake (0X.01) and the garkling village (0X.04), though none realize it. Beyond the fortress a tunnel leads north, deeper in the underrealm (0X.08).

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