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D&D Movie/TV Dungeons and Dragons Honor Among Thieves Interview

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I don't think there is anything new here, but for the sake of discussion:
“When you're playing a campaign, you’re never dead serious the whole time. It wouldn’t be a D&D movie if it was dark and gritty and no fun. That informed the tone that we wanted to go for.”
Whilst this is true for my table, I believe from reading forum posts that this does not hold true for all players.
I think if you go too down that Easter egg rabbit hole, you start to lose some non-fans because they start to feel, like ‘There's something going on that I don't get!
I agree with this, and I think Strange New Worlds lost my wife due to an overreliance on TOS easter eggs.
“I came up producing with Kevin Feige at Marvel, and one of the things I would say is, ‘We should save this idea for the second movie.’ Kevin would go, ‘There’s not a second movie,’” Latcham says. “If it’s a great idea, put it in the first movie.
Very much agree with this too.

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