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D&D Movie/TV Dungeons & Dragons: Honor Among Thieves could change D&D forever

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Golden Procrastinator
Since the ostensible release date matches up with the film's original release, I wonder if it may end up delayed a few weeks and see a ramp up as they tie in marketing the book with marketing the film.
That was my thought as well. it would explain the delays in the marketing campaign and the general lack of information.

I mean, I'm pretty well convinced that it is a tie-in product, given the few details we know. Probably more callbacks and cameos than a hard tie-in, though.
I do feel like the fact that they're keeping pretty schtum about it does suggest that it may well be a tie-in.

Still just paying it actually has heists in it lol.

Snarf Zagyg

Notorious Liquefactionist
From my angle, the crossover of interest for Honor among Thieves and Super Mario in my household is a pure circle. My kids are super excited for Mario, but also for Owlbears and Black Dragons.

Well, among ME the Venn Diagram of the interest level between John Wick and the D&D isn't a perfect circle, it's a SPHERE.

Because John Wick is that awesome. And I also want to see the D&D movie.


Huh. I like FASERIP, but the Marvel SAGA game (with the cards) is the best Supers RPG I've ever played.
Too 5 Marvel RPGs:

1. Marvel Heroic Roleplaying (Cortex)
2. Marvel Superheroes Adventure Game (SAGA)
3. Mutants & Masterminds Third Edition
4. Marvel Universe RPG (the one with the stones)
5. Marvel Heroes 2015 (I didn't specify tabletop!)

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