D&D 5E Dwimmermount [IC]

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Magen Brigward, Fighter 3

Another deathly cold grip reaches for Magen hurting him, but not to the bone like before. Magen shakes it off and focuses his attention on the other wight for now. With a shout of encouragement from Hunter Magen strikes at the wight with his shield, pushing it over. His sword follows quickly and he just manages to land a blow that barely seems to scratch the thing.

[SBLOCK=Actions and rolls]
Action: Attack wight 2 or if it's dead, wight 3 using precision strike.
Bonus: Shield bash Wight 2or if it's dead, wight 3
Move: None
CON save [1d20+4] = 9+4 = 13 Wow close

Coyote wasn't working so I'm trying this new one. First hurdle is you can't seem to add two different dice together (eg 1d20+1d6)
Shield Bash [1d20+5] = 12+5 = 17, BI [1d6] = 2, Wight Save [1d20+2] = 9+2 = 11 so 19 vs 11 wight knocked down

Attack Wight #2 [2d20c1] = 13, Damage [1d8+3] = 2+3 = 5
Precision attack [1d8] = 1
14 with my very precise attack

[SBLOCK=Mini Stats]
Magen Brigward
Passive Perception: 11
AC: 17 (19 with shield)
Initiative: +0
HP: 24/31 (36) (HD: 3/3d10)

Longsword: +5 5ft 1d8+3S
Longsword (2hnd): +5 5ft 1d10+3
H. Crossbow: +2 150/600 1d10P Heavy, Two handed, Loading
Shield Bash: Bonus action +5 contested roll vs athletic or acrobatics
Manoeuvre Save DC: 13

Second Wind: 1/1
Action Surge: 0/1
Superiority Dice(d8): 2/4
Inspiration: 2
Healing Potion: 1
Bolts: 36[/SBLOCK]

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