E. Gary Gygax Dead at Age 69

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Ha! I remember the 3d6 for stats and the "demi-humans" as classes as if it was yesterday. Pretty much because a year ago I was still playing by those rules, heh. And actually, I still use them to fill the loop-holes on the malformed plump of rules I got from SRD... making for a quite unbalanced game. Guess that's my cheap tribute?
...I mean, it's better than a bag of chips. Right? Right.

And just for the fact of contributing to the thread somehow, Rich Baker also said some words: www.giantitp.com


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There's another one here, which is a fitting tribute, I think. . .

And a warning, if you do go check out OotS (a very fitting tribute) from Bari's link, it is loading very slowly right now (but worth the wait). I think a lot of people want to see what Rich had to say.
(For those who don't know, OotS is Order of the Stick, a web comic about an adventuring party that is written by Rich Burlew, whose world was 3rd place in the contest that brought us Eberon - no, the OotS world is not the world that was submitted).
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A sad day indeed.

Gary Gygax is dead. Long live Gary Gygax.

Can't wait to see you at that big gaming table in the sky, man. Thank you for everything you've done for the fantasy world.

Peace, Love and Bloodstains,
~ Just another D&D nerd.

I have been a follower of the dungeons and dragons game since 1982 since I was six and my parents took me to their games. At age 10 I joined a group and have been playing ever since. It is with great sadness that I hear that Gary Gygax the creator of the possible greatest game in the world has passed. With his passing I hope we all remeber him for what he has done for all the youth past and present with his game.

He gave us a way to express ourselves and stay out of trouble. He gave friends a way to come together and have loads of fun. And he has given the movie world a whole new basis for their medival fantasy movies. He will be missed and he will still be remembered no matter who it is playing HIS game.

Rest in Peace my friend,

Malicki Silverhair




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For an amazing man, who had an amazing legacy, I can say I'm shocked, but glad he was able to go to his end with, at least, no pain. I think I'll have to do a tributary D&D game this weekend for the Father of D&D.

Hey Gary ... this Bud's for you.

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My college was painfully quiet after this news hit. A number of students, myself included skipped classes in bereavment.

Mystra bless thee Gary.


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Anonymous Poster said:
You skipped classes because of this?

Heck, I think some of the professors I had when I was in college would have cancelled class. Mr. Gygax has had a *huge* impact on way more than is readily apparent.


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I actually missed class that day. Coincidence? I don't think so.

Okay, it was raining horribly, that's why. But I still skipped it.

Wow, that's quite impressive, Sienna, though I suppose I can understand why. Him dying would be like the creator of Lost, (J.J. Abrams) dying to me. Though I still don't think that I'd skip class because of that...people dying doesn't seem to effect me as much as it should...


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No worries there Sienna; it is quite understandable. EGG was responsible for far more massive changes in people than many think. Dave Arneson too. Missing a day for someone important to you is rather common.



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Wow, Reading all of that made me realize just how much of effect his death(and life) had on so many people, from all walks of life.Hell, we even got a jock or two into it back in school come to think of it.His game did indeed change so much and make so many things what they are today,I am rather sad that it took his death to make people think about it all.

Thank you and farewell,sweet water and light laughter until next we meet.

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