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D&D 5E EB's ToEE and RttToEE Campaign - IC


PH_toad attack.jpg

Rana kicks her own frog into action and the both of them are quickly out of the fight and climbing up the rubble near the walls of the moathouse.

OOC: Athletics check for the frog(mule) please DC 10. STR is +2
And a Perception check for Rana. If the Athletics check is 16 or higher she will get advantage on the Perception check.

Bekah steps up and tries one of her newest weapons, and soon learns she needs a bit more practice. She watches as her intended target advances on the dragonborn, but gets a mouth full of maul handle as Hexiros uses it to defend himself.

Aridha almost has to run to catch up with the witch and her frog, but errs on the side of caution and as she advances she watches the large frog gulp down Zanword's boot (not bothering to chew), and then turn as if it wanted to get away. A ball of flame erupts on its back, finishing the roasting that Gwylla started.

The only other giant frog present watches with hungry eyes as his larger cousin gulps down the leather boot. Licking its lips it hops quickly towards the paladin, who is still sitting on his rump (flabbergasted at what has happened no doubt). It never notices what happen to his big cousin as it lashes out at Zaword's other boot.

"Hey! HEY! OWW!" the small sharp teeth can be felt through the boot as the creature worries at the shoe leather. dmg: [roll0]

AC: 13, HP: 7/7, cane, mage armor, mounted

AC: 10, HP: 11/11, tongue

AC: 16, HP: 33/33, short swords(x2), aid

AC: 14, HP: 23/23, rapier

AC: 16, HP: 28/28, maul

AC: 13, HP: 16/16, none

AC: 17, HP: 19/24, cutlass&shield, prone, missing a boot

AC: 12, HP: 19/19, none

AC: 15, HP: 25/25, shield

frog attacks
miss Hexiros (rolled 2), hit Zanword (rolled 17)
Giant Frogs: AC 11, Saves: STR +1, DEX +1, CON +0, INT -4, WIS +0, CHA -4
Hit Points
1) 00/21 - DEAD
2) 00/18 - DEAD
3) 12/12
4) 0/7 - DEAD
5) 0/8 - DEAD
6) 5/5[/sblock]

OOC: Group is up except for Rana, who moved to the top of the wall.
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River Song

"Captain!" Bekah calls out as he falls prone. She summons a quick healing spell to counter the nasty bite of the creature and throws another dart at it.


Healing Word [roll0]



She smiles as the healing takes effect and then grins as her dart sink home into the giant frog!


"Yah might wanna keep it in yer pants girlie! We gots plenty more fightin' ahead and methinks our Captain's pride was more wounded than anything else."
While he shouted, the Ratcatcher produced a wicked looking dagger from its sheath and in one fluid motion flung it at the frog by Hexiros.
Throw dagger at frog3
Hit ac 12 for 9 damage
Throw dagger at frog3: 1D20+5 = [12]+5 = 17
1D4+2D6+3 = [1]+[2, 3]+3 = 9

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Rana gets to the top of the battlements and sees a smooth stone patrol walkway. The frog leaps for the smoother path and the old witch finds that she is hidden from the courtyard by the fortress before her. Patting the frog for the excellent climbing skill, Rana also moves the mount closer to the edge to see down into the courtyard below.

The area is large and empty save for a few broken carts and a well directly below her.

The the sound of boots on stone draws the old witches gaze to the grand stairs leading into the moathouse. She catches the glimpse of a human male peeking out from behind the doorway and watching the drawbridge. But before she can do anything about the guard he disappears back inside.


Binder Fred

3 rings to bind them all!
Well, well. What do we have here?” she softly cackled before softly laying her hand on the fortress wall.

It was an oddly-shaped gesture. One that only made sense if you were close enough to see the tiny, tiny black spider move from arm to hand to mossy stone wall…

OOC: Double move from Spider using Spider Climb, please. Heading for a spot above the main doors, looking into those slit windows as she goes.
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I plan on living forever. Or die trying.
Zanword swings at the remaining frog, consternation at his poor performance in this combat visible in the choppy, quick motions instead of his normal fluid movements.




Hommlet/Inn of the Welcome Wench
26 Goodmonth
2:26 PM
Round 2

Emmyr hacks down the frog with his axes and eyes Rana as the old woman goes running -- hopping -- off up the wall. He shakes his head and turns at Bekah’s cry. But she and Zandword seem to have the frog gnawing on the Captain’s boot well in hand, so he swings around and gets between Rebekah and the remaining frog, slashing his axes at the beast.

[sblock=Emmyr’s Rolls & Actions]
Action: Handaxe attack and damage: 1D20+5 = [3]+5 = 8
1D6+3 = [6]+3 = 9

Bonus Action: Handaxe attack and damage: 1D20+5 = [10]+5 = 15
1D6+3 = [5]+3 = 8

Object Interaction:
Action Surge:
Conditions: Aid (8h; +5 max hp)

[sblock=Mini Stats]
Initiative: +1
Perception: 10
Speed: 25
AC: 16
HP: 28/28 (33/33) HD: 3/3d10+3
Second Wind (1/R): 1d10+3 hp
Action Surge (1/R)

[sblock=Party Loot]
29 gp
41 sp
10 cp
Blue quartz, 10 gp
Necklace 200 gp (Rana)
Music box: 20 gp (100 gp if repaired)(Templeton)
Cracked helm (1 gp scrap)
Blue spinnel gemstone, 400 gp (Emmyr)

Lady Rebekah - half elf bard charlatan noble
Gwylla - half elf wizard
Hexeiros - dragonborn fighter
Rana - feylock
Zanword - human fighter pirate
Aridhe - human moon druid
Templeton - human rogue ratcatcher


"Anyone hungry?" Hexiros asks, chuckling. "I've always enjoyed frog legs, and Gwylla and Aridha have already started the cooking!"

OOC: I'm assuming everything is dead. I've been lazy for a couple of days, so...


The frogs are defeated, the only causality is one of Zanword's boots that lies in the gullet of one of the great beast.

Looking around the group notices they are missing a witch and her frog.
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