D&D 5E EB's ToEE and RttToEE Campaign - IC


I plan on living forever. Or die trying.
"Really!? I get caught by a frog!"
He gets up despite the sticky apendage, but fumbles the attack, slimy skin of the frog causing the blade to slide harmlessly off the side of the creature.
"And all this damp is rusting my blade!"

Move: get up
Attack: [roll0]

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Templeton nimbly moved next to Hexiros. As the Dragonborn clobbered the amphibian, Templeton used the opportunity to stick the thing a half dozen times. With a <thik thik thik> his blade made a pin cushion of the frog.

Move: walk 30' towards frog one
Bonus: Dash up to 30 feet (If needed) to be adjacent to Frog one
Action: Attack frog one. Hit AC 12 for 15 damage. Rapier vs Frog 1: 1D20+5 = [7]+5 = 12
1D8+1D6+5 = [2]+[4]+5 = 11

Rapier vs Frog 1 forgotten dice: 1D6 = [4] = 4

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Charwoman Gene

Giant FROGS? How interesting, what must they eat? Are they naturally this size, or is the work of some mad amphibian loving wizard?

"What ever they are, they are attacking my friends."
Gwylla moves up, trying to catch three frogs in a torrent of flame.

OOC: Move: Move up to try to catch frogs 2,4, and 5 in a 15' Cone
Action: Burning Hands, using a level 2 slot.
Burning Hands Dex Save DC 13 for half.: 4D6 = [3, 4, 2, 5] = 14
Frogs Dex Saves 2,4,5: 1D20+1 = [2]+1 = 3
1D20+1 = [12]+1 = 13
1D20+1 = [11]+1 = 12
Frog 2: 14 Damage, Still Alive
Frog 4: 7 Damage DEAD
Frog 5: 14 Damage DEAD


OOC: Just a few questions/update the round is not over still need Bekah @River Song and Aridha @Shayuri to go. Will update tomorrow so people can hopefully get through this before the holiday weekend.

So first - @Neurotic and everyone really. You can not move when you are grappled, so if a tentacle thingy has you grappled and tripped up/prone (what happened due to the 20 it rolled). So instead I used your roll as poking at the tongue with your sword. And you rolled a 1 - so I humorously punished you. See below.

And @hero4hire was wondering at the +5 dmg. Think it is +3 which still pokes holes throughout that frog and kills it. Just wondering about the modifier and if I missed something.

@Binder Fred - I used a roll one of your rols for a handle animal check and it was a 7 (+2) which normally I would say would be close enough, but the frog is distracted by the others to move to quickly. You are not yet at the rumble, but could dash to the top next round with a good animal handling check or Persuasion if you talk to it. You were talking to Aridha this round correct?

Now the update.

Emmyr flexes a muscle and the rips his arm out of the sticky tongue, and draws his other blade to stick...

Templeton turns up beside the dwarf and pokes three small holes in the frog's hide, and Hexiros's maul crushes its skull before the dwarf could move in.

Gwylla moves in front of Ranna who is having trouble getting her mount to obey, it is interested in the other frogs at the moment. The half-elf lifts her hands and holds them together fanned our in front of her. A short arcane word and the area lights up and Zanword feels a rush of hot air hit him as flames engulf the frogs emerging from the moat. It is to much for the small ones and the larger frog cringes back trying to retract its tongue, not caring if it gets a meal in the bargain. What it does get is one of the paladin's boots which it gulps down quickly.


AC: 13, HP: 7/7, cane, mage armor, mounted

AC: 10, HP: 11/11, tongue

AC: 16, HP: 33/33, short swords(x2), aid

AC: 14, HP: 23/23, rapier

AC: 16, HP: 28/28, maul

AC: 13, HP: 16/16, none

AC: 17, HP: 24/24, cutlass&shield, prone, missing a boot

AC: 12, HP: 19/19, none

AC: 15, HP: 25/25, shield

Giant Frogs: AC 11, Saves: STR +1, DEX +1, CON +0, INT -4, WIS +0, CHA -4
Hit Points
1) 00/21 - DEAD
2) 04/18
3) 12/12
4) 0/7 - DEAD
5) 0/8 - DEAD
6) 5/5[/sblock]
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I plan on living forever. Or die trying.
OOC: [MENTION=6899077]EarlyBird[/MENTION], I didn't intend to move, just to stand up, the location remains the same.

Binder Fred

3 rings to bind them all!
[sblock=OOC]Not too late for Aridha or Beckah to climb aboard if they want :D [MENTION=4936]Shayuri[/MENTION], [MENTION=6805147]River Song[/MENTION][/sblock]
“Bootlicker,” drily mentioned a deep, rumbly voice just before Rana and the frog finally broke away to the right, into the cattails.

The two of them splashed along, picking up speed, cattails wiping by left and right as the crumbling slope of blocks on the other side of a mossy-green ‘moat’ got nearer… Nearer, NEAREST, impossible to stop now!

At the last moment: powerful legs bunched up and… Hop!

Action: Jumping over the 'moat' with her frog; and starting the climb up if enough move.
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River Song

Bekah shakes her head at Rana, the old girl was quite impressive really. The frogs were dirty and frankly icky creatures and the thought of touching one was more than Bekah could bare. Resolutely she advanced forwards to be in range of a dart throw and hurled it at small one close to the dragonborn warrior.




She purses her lips in annoyance as the dart flies wide to thud solidly into a tree.


First Post
Aridha hurries after Rana. As she goes she incants in the Druidic tongue. Spirits of flame gather around her hand and whirl there. Only for a moment though, before she hucks them at one of the giant frogs that are left!

(Move south 6 squares and cast Produce Flame on Frog 2. [roll0] to hit, for [roll1] damage.)

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