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D&D 5E EB's ToEE and RttToEE Campaign - IC


Templeton begins to expertly carve up one of the largest amphibians. After a few moments, he produces not only some of the largest frog legs ever! But Zansword's boot.
He tossed it to the good Captain, dripping ichor and all. "These should make for some juicy supper then wot?" he said to no one in particular as he brandished one of the appendages aloft.

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Hommlet/Inn of the Welcome Wench
26 Goodmonth
2:27 PM
Round 0

As Templeton carved up the frogs and retrieved Zandward’s boot, Emmyr went over to Lady Rebekah. “Ye okay, milady?” he asked her. He glanced around. “Where’d the witch gae?”

[sblock=Emmyr’s Rolls & Actions]
Bonus Action:
Object Interaction:
Action Surge:
Conditions: Aid (8h; +5 max hp)

[sblock=Mini Stats]
Initiative: +1
Perception: 10
Speed: 25
AC: 16
HP: 28/28 (33/33) HD: 3/3d10+3
Second Wind (1/R): 1d10+3 hp
Action Surge (1/R)

[sblock=Party Loot]
29 gp
41 sp
10 cp
Blue quartz, 10 gp
Necklace 200 gp (Rana)
Music box: 20 gp (100 gp if repaired)(Templeton)
Cracked helm (1 gp scrap)
Blue spinnel gemstone, 400 gp (Emmyr)

Lady Rebekah - half elf bard charlatan noble
Gwylla - half elf wizard
Hexeiros - dragonborn fighter
Rana - feylock
Zanword - human fighter pirate
Aridhe - human moon druid
Templeton - human rogue ratcatcher

River Song

Bekah favoured the dwarf with an affectionate glance. "I'm fine Emmyr my dear, thank you for asking."

Looking around for the old witch she frowns, "Surely, she didn't leave us high and dry?"


First Post
Aridha shook her head.

"She went up the wall on tha' frog of hers. Takin' a look I guess. Hope she's got a rope or somethin' tae lower fer us."


I plan on living forever. Or die trying.
"Thank you" Zanword nods to Templeton "I guess" He adds looking at the slimy boot. "I think I'll take the next guards boots, there is no way this will be clean again."

Ooc: cue Gwylla and prestidigitation

"Rana will probably find some poor guard and berate him for letting the guests wait and making an old woman walk to fetch him. Did that spider thing earlier bite her? Is it contagious? It seemed she just walks up that wall."


Looking at the moathouse the drawbridge is down, and one of it's chains lies in the water. It seems that it will need some work before it can be raised again.

When Zanword tries to put on his (now clean, hopefully), boot he discovers what he thinks is a stone in his shoe, dumping it out in a huff he finds that it is actually an amethyst, sparkling in the light. (value- 100gp)

Cutting off the hind quarters of the two largest frogs and wrapping them with a bit of string Templeton throws them over a shoulder, each is about three feet long.

OOC: Group could enter courtyard if they chose.


Hexiros moves on into the courtyard.

[B]AC:[/B] 16; [B]HP:[/B] [COLOR=#FF000]28[/COLOR]/28
[B]Initiative:[/B] -1
[B]Saves:[/B] STR +5, CON +4
[B]Passive Perception:[/B] 11
[B]Languages:[/B] Common, Draconian
[B]Current XP:[/B] 425
[B]Level:[/B] 1

[B]Skills:[/B] Animal Handling +3, Athletics +5, Perception +3, Survival +3
[B]Stats:[/B] Str 17 (+3), Dex 8 (-1), Con 14 (+2), Int 10 (+0), Wis 12 (+1), Cha 14 (+2)

-[B]Inspiration[/B]? [ ] Yes, [[COLOR=#FF0000]X[/COLOR]] No
-[B]Second Wind[/B]? [[COLOR=#FF0000]X[/COLOR]] Available, [ ] Used
-[B]Breath Weapon[/B]? [] Available, [[COLOR=#FF0000]X[/COLOR]]Used
-[B]Superiority Dice Available:[/B] 3/4

River Song

"With any luck the old crone has used her acid tongue on them and they are ready to surrender." Bekah smiles as she follows the reptilian warrior into the courtyard. "I'm joking of course....... mostly."

Charwoman Gene

"I can clean that boot for you. When you live as an apprentice wizard, one of you big practice magics is cleaning."

Gwylla follows into the courtyard.


Before the party arrives in the courtyard of the moathose, Rana has scurried along the outside wall of the building and made her way to the grand stairs that lead to where two double doors use to be. Along the way she peers cautiously into the couple of arrow slits in the wall. The rooms beyond are abandoned and cluttered with no sign of bandits or anyone else living in them.

[sblock=Updated Map]

As she reaches the doors the rest of the group enter the courtyard. Looking around they see the kill zone the courtyard presents with all the arrow slits pointing into its center, and they see the old witch stuck like a spider above the large open doorway that leads into the main building proper.

The tower to their left is crumbling and in need of repair, except for what looks like a brand new door that was fastened to it, to replace the old. An arrow slit about four feet from the ground, could allow someone to look inside if they wish.

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