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Email notifications?


I've made no recent changes to my user settings, but as of yesterday afternoon I'm suddenly receiving email notifications of Laughs / XP Awards and Quotes. Is there some change that's been made server-side to enable this, and what do I need to amend in my settings to disable it?

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Nope, no change here. How weird. But you can turn them off in the settings.

I wonder if they used to be going to your spam folder or something, and your IP changed something?


Okay, that didn't work at all. Still getting flooded with notifications.

EDIT: Figured it out. It was thread notifications, which get turned off somewhere else.
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Can you reveal where you were able to turn off thread notifications? Not obvious to me in the settings page.

I really think the default should not be to send any emails at all except perhaps regarding admin issues. The current behaviour, in which it seems by default I am mailed every time someone replies to a thread I have posted in, is highly unusual and not good.

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If I've done it right, on your Control Panel at the top of the sidebar to the left is a folder labeled "Subscriptions". I clicked in there, checkmarked all of my subscribed threads, then chose the option "through my Control Panel only" and clicked "Go".

We'll see if it worked, or if a Mod tells me the right way to do it if that wasn't it. I can't resist trying to figure such stuff out on my own, at least once!;)

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