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Anyone creating a character will first select the species (or race). There are many choices, all of which have their own drawbacks and advantages. The choices are:

  • [modsrd]Alpha-Centaurans[/modsrd]: Descended from humans transported there long ago by the Old Kings. Women of this culture are strong and dominant.
  • [modsrd]Andorians[/modsrd]: Blue-skinned humanoids from Andoria, citizens of the Federation, warlike and tough.
  • [modsrd]Arcturians[/modsrd]: Elflike humanoids from Arcturus, citizens of the Federation, most are pacifistic.
  • [modsrd]Cromargs[/modsrd]: Dwarves, Klingon subject race.
  • [modsrd]Cygnans[/modsrd]: Humanoids born on Cygnus, citizens of the Federation, albinos, highly technological.
  • [modsrd]Dunkars[/modsrd]: Orange-skinned humanoids, the most trusted of the Klingon subject races.
  • [modsrd]Gorns[/modsrd]: Dinosaurians scattered to several planets by the ancient Lizard Kings.
  • [modsrd]Hilidarians[/modsrd]: Lizard-men, Klingon subject race.
  • [modsrd]Humans[/modsrd]: From Earth-descended stock, either born on Earth or one of many colony planets. Most will be citizens of the Federation, including those criminal humans who serve with the Orion Pirates.
  • [modsrd]Hydrans[/modsrd]: Short three-armed and three-legged creatures who breathe methane, are native to gas giants, and live in the Hydran Kingdom. It should be noted that many descendants of Klingon subject races (and even Ranel and Phelen from Lyran space) live on oxy-nitrogen planets in the Hydran Kingdom as free citizens of the Exile Races.
  • [modsrd]Klingons[/modsrd]: Humanoids, a major species with entire planets of multi-billion population, the military caste are the only Klingons most humans know.
  • [modsrd]Kzintis[/modsrd]: Known as Tigermen to their Klingon enemies.
  • [modsrd]Lyrans[/modsrd]: Leopard-men, enemies of the Kzintis.
  • [modsrd]Mynieni[/modsrd]: Non-humanoid, citzens of the Federation.
  • [modsrd]Orions[/modsrd]: Green-skinned humanoids, citizens of the Federation, original source of the Orion Pirates.
  • [modsrd]Phelen[/modsrd]: Porpoisoids who are subjects of the Lyrans.
  • [modsrd]Ranel[/modsrd]: Racoonoids who are subjects of the Lyrans.
  • [modsrd]Rigellians[/modsrd]: Born on planets around Rigel (or on colonies) the Rigelians are humanoid and members of the Federation. Few serve with the Orion Pirates.
  • [modsrd]Romulans[/modsrd]: Descended from Vulcans, they honestly believe they are destined to rule the galaxy.
  • [modsrd]Skoleans[/modsrd]: Lizard-men, Federation citizens, mostly serve as mercenaries to the Gorns.
  • [modsrd]Slirdarians[/modsrd]: Bear-apes, shock troops of the Klingon Empire, most of them are not particularly bright.
  • [modsrd]Tellarites[/modsrd]: Pig-faced humanoids from Tellus, citizens of the Federation, always ready to argue about anything.
  • [modsrd]Tholians[/modsrd]: Crystalline creatures who live in high temperatures and come from another galaxy.
  • [modsrd]Vulcans[/modsrd]: Also known (rarely) as Vulcanian. These are humanoids with copper-based blood, a devotion to logic, and no real sense of humor. They are stronger and smarter than humans.

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