Level Up (A5E) Essential A5E for Quickstart?


While trying to compile enough of the rules for a new player in a new campaign who doesn't understand English well enough to just read the rules I'm thinking about some sort of Quickstart that highlights A5E while still keeping slim enough to not overwhelm completely new players (who may not even have played any ttrpg before).

So a small booklet of maybe 20 pages with the most important rules.
Additional parts would be character sheets with all the needed info to play the character without looking into a rulebook and short one session adventure(s) to highlight additional parts like strongholds, journey activities, ...

What do you consider things unique to A5E that need to be in the Quickstart but would not overwhelm new players.

My first ideas would be:

Expertise dice (and how they grow)
Origin split into Heritage, Culture, Background
Maneuvers for Martials

Anything else?
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Deluxe Unhuman
Exhaustion split into Fatigue and Strife.

Meaningful choices at every level of advancement, and more non-combat class features.

Expanded support for social and exploration pillars of play.


I'm thinking of a Quickstart kit with maybe 20 pages max that should be enough to run a one shot and not a whole rulebook.

Journey activities/rules can be put into a specific adventure.


But isn't that supposed to be a stepping stone for people who are already familiar with 5e?

This Quickstart is for people who just want to start playing...

On a related note... Would you mind if I borrow the name Barrows&Bearowls for that? ;)


After listening to the latest podcast I am really inclined to use A5E imploded (or A5Ei)

Maybe I put some of it together for my other (still vaporware) pet project of a one shot Dark Sun with A5E (and PP)

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