Eurovision 2022


A suffusion of yellow
Well, I can understand why Ukraine won, but I think it was a really bad song. I liked the folk music part of it, but hated the rap-part...
Disaapointed it was so overtly a political decision and not just one based on who was the most F.A.B but oh well

and what do Europeans actually think about Australia having a slot in the Eurovision fashion quest?

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We’re in Europe. Unless you know something I don’t?

(Just for no one actually takes what I'm about to say seriously in regards to the question above...)

Didn't the U.K. do something called Brexit just a little while ago???

I sort of remember this entire rigamarole about leaving the EU and Europe to do their own thing or something to that effect...

Brexit has happened. Uk and Europe Split

Ah...yeah...twas a messy divorce it twas...still is.

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