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Stone Dog

hong said:
They can take on a battalion of mooks if built well, but levelling a mountain is still beyond them.
But if a mountain is chucked at them, they can block it perfectly well. They can also dodge the setting equivalent of atomic blasts or parry swung i-beams with a tin spoon. Leveling mountains takes a bit more practice.

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Son_of_Thunder said:
Oh, I don't doubt this in the least. Completely videogamey. Now is that good or bad?

Very good if I can get the game for free and test it a whole month before I'd have to put any $$$ on the table. Oh, and I also want all the updates and options (i.e. every non-core book ever published) to be delivered to my home immediatly upon release for a flat $10 to $12 a month. :cool:

Stone Dog

Actually, the more I think about it, the more a modified Creation might well be my 4e game world.

Roughly, I'm thinking Human scattered all over, Elves to the far East, Halflings in the Threshold, Eladrin to the far West (cause I like them with pear white island cities), Dwarfs to the North, Dragonborn to the South and a corrupt regime of Tieflings ruling the Blessed Isle.

Might be too symmetrical, but I'm also contemplating an old school sort of video game craziness like in the thread I posted earlier.

Stone Dog

Mourn said:
A starting Solar can parry an asteroid falling from the sky on him.
But destroying a mountain isn't part of the mojo you get right away. Of course, a Solar Sorcerer can melt a city if given half a chance so pulverizing a mountain might not be entirely practical.

Of course, that isn't the point of the thread.. is it?


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Campbell said:
So 4e is a clone of
  • Magic The Gathering
  • Exalted
  • World of Warcraft
  • Guild Wars
  • All Video Games
  • Womanly Indy RPGs
  • Miniature Skirmish Game of Your Choice
  • Anime
  • Action Movies
  • Your Mom


So, it's like the Serpentor of RPGs!

(Those who get that, take a 'Watched too much children's TV in the 80s' point.)


Relaxed Intensity
Lizard said:
So, it's like the Serpentor of RPGs!

(Those who get that, take a 'Watched too much children's TV in the 80s' point.)

Either that or in my case you grew up watching children's TV in the 80's.

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