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Truth Seeker said:
And yes, it does sound that WOTC has taken cues from White Wolf, on the game 'mechanics' approach.

I am unaware of where a d20 appears in Exalted 1e or 2e.

Nor am I aware of 4e class abilities being fueled off of a spell point system.



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HeavenShallBurn said:
Heavenly Guardian Defense, they'll never be hit. Instead they'll parry and succeed.

If they use adamant skin technique they don't parry it. They don't have to even be aware of it. They just soak it up, look at the sky and say, what now? What NOW?!?

Lizard said:
So, it's like the Serpentor of RPGs!

(Those who get that, take a 'Watched too much children's TV in the 80s' point.)
Hey, the cartoon was for kids. The comics, on the other hand, rocked. I remember issue #49, the origin of Serpentor, vividly.

"Serpentor... is that my name? I seem to remember... others..."

Keefe the Thief

I have thought that WotC is making 4e more like the moonlanding:

- People in heavy armor which protects them from harm abound (Astronauts HAVE to wear heavy armor)
- Everybody is talking strange gibberish, using acronyms and arcane words (nanotechnology = AoO, The Eagle has Landed = White Raven Tactics, Icky Stuff Sucked From Tube = Mountain Dew).
- Smart people use implements to create awesome effects (Calculator = Wizards Staff, Walkie Talkie = Crystal Ball, Chewing Gum = Healing Potion).
- New places invented, where adventuring is now possible (Orbit = Feywild, The Moon = The Shadowfell).
- New races! (scientists = Eladrin, astronauts = Dragonborn, hippie astronaut groupies = tieflings).
- New enemies! (Sputnik = Wand of Orcus, Gagarin = Asmodeus)
- New Allies (Elminster = Head of NASA, King Azoun = Kennedy, Khelben "the Blackstaff" = Nixon).

It´s pretty obvious, really.


Exalted 4e?

Mourn said:
A starting Solar can parry an asteroid falling from the sky on him.

Don't you mean they'll knock it straight back at whoever threw it at them just as the one who did it will knock it back in their version of a tennis match?

The Little Raven

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hong said:
This isn't much use if there aren't many falling asteroids around.

But the fact that a six-mile-diameter chunk of flaming rock can fall from the heavens faster than the eye can track, and I can lift my rusty butter knife and deflect it perfectly really says something about my combat capabilities. Hell, step it up a notch and make it the sun falling from it's perch in the heavens, and I can still parry it without breaking a sweat (or spending much Essence).

But Sorry, the asteriod crack does not hold water.

No EXALTED hit with one, will survive.

As stated, with Heavenly Guardian Defense (or Seven Shadow Evasion), you won't be getting hit... at all. But even if you did, Adamant Skin Technique is there for you. It will reduce the pre-soak (damage reduction) damage to ZERO. So, yeah, the asteroid hit me... but it hits like an 8-year-old girl.

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