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Fallout Tabletop: What are you doing/planning?


I doubt it would work for me. My aesthetic in gaming is to have multiple minigames that are highly specific to the task resolution that they are trying to simulate. So I would want a combat system granular enough to handle everything from sharpened sticks to automatic weapons and "phased plasma rifle in a 40 terawatt range" and so forth while giving each weapon a distinctive feel. Travel would be an important part of the game and so I'd want something that could handle the difference between bitter cold, acid rain, and a radioactive ash storm. Having everything just be a generic test with generic consequences doesn't cut it for me, and I just don't trust something as generic as Cortex Prime to deal with that. And I'd be drawing on inspiration as diverse as "A Canticle for Leibowitz" and "Mad Max", and of course "Hiero's Journey" (the inspiration for Gamma World).
What do you use to run fantasy? Fantasy is easily as complex and diverse as PA, with swords on the one hand and obscene magic on the other (not to mention journeys, weird environments and fantastical environmental effects). Can you just reskin that?

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I was working on a fallout adaptation for Fabula Ultima and have picked that up again, hopefully I'll be able to get something simple together that can approximate the setting. I've ignored the Modiphius version as I'm just not that keen on their 2d20 system. I'm stealing Mutant Year Zero's settlement system, with a few fallout tweaks.


The TV show has obviously dramatically increased interest in the various video games, but I imagine there will also be uptick in TTRPG Fallout as well.

So, what are you doing or planning?
Well, my Dragonlance campaign has become more popular than I thought it would, so it's delayed my original plan of running a 2d20 Fallout sandbox set in the metro Detroit area. But I'm slowly world building that - including recruiting one of my kids to make some evocative images.

The TV show was great and helped me better understand the setting, being only a casual fan of the video games. The rulebooks actually were helpful to understand some background (like how Ghouls are "made").

FO has become one of my fave PA settings, right up there with Gammaworld and Dark Sun.

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