Favorite Battle Map Maker?


What is your favorite tool to create battle maps? I am mostly thinking about VTTs here, but I am sure some folks like to print them out,

Note that I am looking specifically to create things quickly that can be easily imported into FG, Roll20 or Foundry (preferable with LOS and/or lighting built in, but that isn't a deal breaker).

And while I am mostly interested in battle maps intended for grid based play, I am sure some other folks might like to know if your favorite tool can also be used to make maps more for exploration.


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the Incomparably Shrewd and Clever
DungeonDraft has become a favorite for the last few years, but it really requires good assets to use, which usually are from Patreons.


the Incomparably Shrewd and Clever
To follow up, DungeonDraft does have lighting and doors in the software, and it can export maps in the UVTT format, but I have not used those functions. I prefer making a straightforward map and making walls, doors, and lighting manually in Foundry VTT.

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