D&D 5E Feats at first level (i.e. generalising Theros' idea)

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I had one DM allow me to take it with my Leonin in Storm King's Thunder. It was fine as it gave a small boost every long rest. Think of it as a trinket with oomph.


He Mage
I liked this idea of customizing characters by getting a feat related to a deity at first level. How do folks feel about them and has anyone introduced them to their (non-theros) campaign setting? Spitballing as am about to start DMing again.....
I feel these optional level 1 feats are "setting feats" and need to help the player character plug into the themes and mood of the setting.

Theros Supernatural Gift
Ravenloft Dark Gift
(Presumably) Dark Sun Psionic Talent
(Alternatively) Eberron Dragon Mark

And so on.

If a DM adds level 1 feats, the DM might want to think about where these feats come from, what they mean, and how to flavor them to resonate the themes and moods of the wider setting.

Because 5e level 1 can be fragile, a setting feat is a reasonable buff. It is an opportunity to encourage players to invest in the setting.
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Great Old One
As long as the feats really reflect the deities and are not the usual super-powerful feat that get exploited by builds. The main difficulty is balance, making sure that gods are chose for story and flavor, not technical benefits...

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