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D&D 5E Finally



I believe it is spelled "booyah". Way to break street date!

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Majoru Oakheart

Seriously...apparently I have to order everything from Chapters from now on.

We almost got a local store to sell us them today. They don't sell a lot of D&D stuff, so they don't pay close attention. We asked when it was coming out at their store. They said they'd have it Tuesday for sure. We said "Really? Tuesday? That's awesome. We'll come down Tuesday and get it."

I guess that made the guy paranoid and he checked the street date and said "Hold on a second......Sorry, we'll have it Tuesday but we can't sell it until Friday."


Hmm, good to know some people have gotten it. Seems like my prediction of a scan by wednesday may come to fruition. Disclaimer, I don't support pirates, and I intend to buy the book, and all that other stuff. But let's face reality here, despite all good intentions, it's going to happen.

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