FL, Jacksonville - Spots opening in our regular Sunday group (Savage Worlds - Deadlands)

I'm part of a Sunday group that meets every week at Cool Stuff Games. We were playing Pathfinder, but we're switching over to Savage Worlds in a couple weeks with a new campaign - Deadlands (weird west) is what it is looking like. We just had a player leave, and another announce she's leaving soon, so we're opening up to new players.

We play 3:30-7:30, sometimes as late as 8:30, but usually only until 7:30. Our youngest player is about 20, our oldest about 50, so we're pretty open to most folks. Most of us are pretty punctual - if we're gonna be late or miss a game, we try to communicate ASAP about it. Life happens, we're all adults, and we respect that - but we ask the same respect in turn by not ditching last minute if you can help it.

Our style is about 1/3 RP, 2/3 kill stuff.

If you're interested, drop me a line here or better yetsend a message, and I'll float your info by the rest of the group. We will start the new campaign on Sunday August 23rd.

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