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I stumbled on to this method of hiding map sections for your players. I didn't like any of the options that I had seen or used (covering with paper, drawing as you go, etc.) so I tried cotton balls. Below pic is poor and I needed more cotton balls than my quick raid of my wife's supply could yield, but I think you get the idea. You can be very selective of where you remove them and it really has been working well so I though I'd share.

fog of war.jpg

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That is a GREAT idea!

The only issue is I use large preprinted battle maps.

So (1) I'll need a LOT of cotton balls and (2) I'll need all the players at my table to leave the room or cover their eyes while I lay down the paper and cover it in cotton balls.


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Understood, MNblockhead. My maps are about 3' x 2' max and I have the luxury of laying them out ahead of time. I've since had to actually purchase instead of pilfer the cotton balls from my better half. I was relieved to find that they're only about $2 for 200. I find that 400 covers that 3' x 2' area with plenty to spare. I play at home, so transport is not a big deal for me, as they are rather bulky. They take up a grocery bag's worth of volume, so if you're traveling with your GM gear and sensitive to space, you might have to leave them at the game location or find a different solution.

Either way, thanks for the read and the comments!


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I’ve seen felt circles of different sizes used as fog of war. I’ve used a blanket, though I intend to get felt circles.4BB82A06-A3F6-49E0-A8F0-DE065DB3220B.jpg

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