D&D 4E For the post 4E world, what will your game be?

Yeah, but it isn't like there aren't new adventures, supplements, etc available for say 1e AD&D on an ongoing basis even now. Do popular RPGs really 'end' in any meaningful sense? I guess EVENTUALLY. I'm not sure how much it will mater for many years to come.

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Yeah, but it isn't like there aren't new adventures, supplements, etc available for say 1e AD&D on an ongoing basis even now. Do popular RPGs really 'end' in any meaningful sense? I guess EVENTUALLY. I'm not sure how much it will mater for many years to come.

I'm not sure there will be much in the way of new 4e specific material released; the GSL chilling effect may be permanent. But at the rate I'm going through 4e material (WoTC and Goodman) I have 15-20 years' worth already, even without making my own or converting stuff. :)


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Yeah, but it isn't like there aren't new adventures, supplements, etc available for say 1e AD&D on an ongoing basis even now. Do popular RPGs really 'end' in any meaningful sense? I guess EVENTUALLY. I'm not sure how much it will mater for many years to come.

No, I do not think they ever end, until someone cannot find players.

That would be more like hibernation, though.


I dunno. To me, new editions are like new OSs. I don't just drop my old for the new as long as the old is still serving my needs. So I won't switch to the new edition until my group is ready. when you only play a handful of hours per month it takes a loooooong time to fully explore

any particular edition(if you ever really do.

I'll almost certainly switch to 5e at some point. I really like 4e. It generally fits my "pizza & beer" casual play style. But two things I find completely unpalatable with it are the incredibly long combats and that its meta-structure is too closely tied to encounters. 5e seems to fix both of those plus it support TotM style of play which I prefer.

I don't feel like I am forced to switch to 5e though. There is so much 4e material out there its hard to imagine I would ever run out if I cholse to stay with that.


I'm currently invovled in two 4E campaigns, one as a player, currently at epic level, which we will probably finish by the time 5E comes out. The group is thinking of taking up Pathfinder next, which I probably won't stick around for as their playstyle suits powergamers more, which does not appeal to me.

The other campaign I run, currently at mid-heroic, I'm thinking of using the E6 system within it, if not we will probably switch to either Pathfinder and use E6 or take up 5E, given the beauty of flatter math. Whichever system we go to, I imagine there will be an influence of 4E which I will somehow incorporate.
I appreciate all systems for what they offer - and even now, when I incorporate a monster from 4E MMs I look it up in previous editions, and compare stats. And make the necessary adjustments (introducing new powers, adding resistances..etc) if I feel the need to.


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My group is looking at Earthdawn if we stay fantasy, Masterbook/Shatterzone if we go scifi, and Savage Worlds or Masterbook if we go with a Dresden Files/Monster Hunter International type game. We might throw in the idea of Chill too.

Regardless of what happens it will be a while before we come back to dnd I think.

If they screw up 5e which I think they will I doubt we DO come back and will instead use something else like savage worlds for our fantasy system of choice.


My current FR 4e campaign started in early 2011, we are 23 sessions in at level 8 and I am hoping to take it up into Epic levels, maybe even level 30, over several years - by which time I expect 6e will be announced. :)

Some number crunching today indicates that my 4e campaign should reach 30th level some time in late 2015, which seems like a good time to think about running something else. :D

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I DM one game group and co-dm another -- the co-dmed game is 4e and will likely stay 4e until 5e is attractive enough to our 4e-loving palates to get us to switch.

My other game has recently jumped over to Savage Worlds (actually Pirates of the Spanish Main) for a trial run, and we'll be doing a tour of other game settings and systems over the course of the DDN playtest period. We've played one session of PotSM so far, and enjoyed it. Later I hope to try some other systems, like Fate/Dresden and Gumshoe.

On the plus side, the new playtest packet that released for GenCon shows a bit more 4e influence, and that makes me much more hopeful that the new game will actually do a decent job of scratching my 4e itch. I'm ready to wait and see, anyway.


Might not be waiting for 'Next' at this point. I just finished running "Death's Reach", which told my group two things:

1) Play in 4e isn't substantially different at any tier. Volumes change, but feel is pretty much the same.

2) A group comprised of three area effect condition imposing characters, a Pursuing Avenger, and a Pacifist Cleric is bloody diabolical.

One of our usual DMs has a fully fleshed-out Savage Worlds modern campaign, that he says is based on an action adventure movie style world. Several of us have already made up our characters and backgrounds. I'm playing a twin machine pistol wielding Faith using character, loosely based on Agent 47 from "Hitman", but I might drop the Faith skill and go completely mundane, more like Chow Yun-Fat's character in "The Killer."

So now we just have to decide if we'll be continuing on in 4e with "Kingdom on the Ghouls", or going straight over to Savage Worlds.


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So we know that 4E is ending, and by next year at this time we'll likely be looking at 5E's launch.


So that was a long way of saying "what do you think you'd move to as a system after 4E, provided that you want to move on," and "do you have any suggestions for a system that is similar to some aspects of 4E that I might have missed?"

Any thoughts are welcomed!

As things stand right now, I think we're likely to stay with 4e, mostly because it is so easy to DM. (I think my players would likely be OK with any D&D variant.) If 5e moves more toward 4e, maybe I'd consider that.

I don't have anything against pathfinder, but I spend too much time on DMing as-is; I'd rather play in more games than spend more time on preparation, and I think 4e makes it easier for others to grow into DMing.

Once the online tools go away (if they do), then it will be a harder row to hoe. At that point, I'll have to re-assess. Maybe there'll be a good 4e clone by then.


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I fail to understand the problem here (ok, OP's question).

If you like 4e and want to continue playing / running it... whats to stop you? You don't need corporate sponsorship to game. WotC not supporting *your* D&D? I guess they don't need your $$...

me? I'll be playing 3.5 or the new Hackmaster unless 5e is amazingly good.


I except my 4e campaign will run for a couple more years (at current rate of progression, with level 30 as the endpoint). I'm then hoping to run Burning Wheel, assuming my group agrees.

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Well, even in the original poster's sense, we are already "post-4e" as the last 4e product has come out.

DDI is still going though. With a couple of years to wait until 5E's release, there's still a load of magazine content to come (unless Wizards start releasing 5E playtest material in Dungeon and Dragon magazine!)


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Well, I'm still not in "post 3.5" world yet, still running a campaign in it. I don't see a "post 4e" world either, unless they turn off 4e DDI. I don't need to buy new product to run or play in games, my 4e games will continue along nicely.

Lots of good games out there. When one of my current games ends, I'll probably push to try something new. Currently 13th Age, Marvel Heroic Roleplay, D&D Next, and Dresden Files are looking promising. (Could also do something else Fate besides Dresden.) Though one of my top five favorite DMs may start up an Eberron game in 2013, and he'd probably want to run it in some edition of D&D.

Really, there's so many good games out there, the question is "what will you have time for next". A word of advice - if all you've played is D&D, give some other systems a try, especially some modern indie games. I'm not saying they are better than D&D, but I will say that they are likely different than D&D. There's no "right" system for all situations. There's the system(s) that are "right" for what you and the others in your group want to play next.

Lots of good games, go forth and enjoy!


WOTC is releasing the 3rd edition books in september as bound books. I doubt they would let 4e drop off without at least publsihing the books.

Plus at the keynote they sais they are releasing all past products in electronic format. I am sure when 4e becomes past product it will be included.

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