D&D 4E For the post 4E world, what will your game be?


I'm having so much fun running 4e at this time that I'm not sure I need to swap to anything else. The campaign might, or might not be finished by the time Next rolls around.

In any case we'll probably do the same thing we did when 4e came out. I'll check Next to see if I like it enough to run a long term campaign. We'll continue playing 4e until the current campaign finishes. When the current campaign finishes we'll play a bunch of other games. We always go to Shadowrun, Savage Worlds, and sometimes Iron Kingdoms. I also want to do some Warhammer RPG, and Spycraft. I'll probably even do some Amethyst to spice 4e up in a different genre.

That is pretty much what we (my group) did from 3.x to 4e. We finished the current campaign and played a lot of stuff including the Beta for Pathfinder using the Savage Tide adventure path before deciding on what we wanted.

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I'll be playing 13th age, PF srd, and 4e. Once I complete them, I'll be playing games of my own making: Holydoom (a rediculous rpg with pop culture references) and Foresight (a 4e clone).


My 4e group will probably switch to 5e when it is released but that is assuming it ends up like we think it will. If we don't like the final 5e product the we would probably stick with 4e.

On a side note 5e is not a retro clone. The skills, fighter maneuvers, at-will spells, and healing hit dice make it very non-retro cone like.

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I'm thinking you can find a game group for ANY RPG in NYC.
I hope so, but I have a few logistical hurdles to leap. Being an engineering student in a school at the furthest corner of the metro system puts a serious crimp in my availability. And despite there being more gamers in NYC, many of them are flakey IME. So we'll see. :)


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Another question for everyone here. In the post-4e world, will you still be around ENWorld's 4e boards, or I suppose the Legacy boards or wherever they deem to shove us come mid-2013? I'm hoping to maintain a presence on at least a few 4e-friendly internet islands as people continue to heartbreak, troubleshoot, and create fan stuff.


Yeah, for me, I've just barely started to glean what 4e can do, but I can't help but feel that Pathfinder is better suited for character depth and storytelling - 3.x is far easier for me to tinker with than 4e, and that's largely due to my lack of familiarity with running 4e.

So, if 4e 'dies', I'll likely still run it... if I can find players and time.


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My Loaded offline character builder will always be there, regardless of what WotC does. :)

Yeah, I came here to say this as well. I still have my offline character builder. With the CBLoader you can update the code yourself.

I have no intentions of switching in any foreseeable future. I'm staying with 4e.

The face to face game I was running ended when I moved back to my home country a year ago, ending our campaign at having just reached paragon level. I only play online now. I currently play in 4e, Pathfinder (and soon to join GURPS) pbp games. I can't see any reason to change that.

I may play 5e once I see the complete game, if I find it to my liking. That doesn't mean I will stop playing those other games. My interests in other systems is there, it's just not as easy to get into them. (Take GURPS for example ... wow ... that is daunting to make a character. It's taken me nearly 3 months ... much of that procrastinating of course as getting my head around what might mike good PC is so challenging.) But that doesn't mean I'm done with 4e, which I love.
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I've not made any plans for the 'post-4e' world, yet. Our group has been late in making the switch to 4e, and our party's average character level is only 7 right now.

As long as there is tool support for 4e (i.e. a character builder) I don't see any reason for a switch. The campaign could easily go on for another 3-4 years before we hit epic levels.

In fact I suspect, 4e may be the last 'real' rpg we'll ever play. We occasionally have trouble meeting once a month. If this gets any worse I can see us playing one-offs and (cooperative / rpg-light) board games only in the future.


I'll be wrapping up my 4e campaign at late Epic, before then, and I'll be getting a chance to go back to being a player again. Right now the plan is to run two games, on alternating weeks. One will be a modern version of Savage Worlds, while the other will be either 2e or Pathfinder.


I will look at 5e, I have already pre-ordered 13th Age, but 4e will likely remain my go to system.

I don't use the online tools so I'm not beholden to WotC pulling the plug on DDI. I subscribe for the Dragon and Dungeon content. Once that ceases to be 4e, I'll likely drop my sub unless 5e blows me away. I own a physical copy of every 4e book WotC has ever published, so I'm set.

4e really suffers from a lack of solid adventures, but I just use Paizo's PF adventures, anyway. I can convert most of them in minutes, and often on the fly, and structurally they actually work better as 4e adventures than as PF adventures, IMO.

I own every Paizo PF hardcover because I'm a collector and I like Paizo's production values. But after justing ending a two year PF campaign, I doubt I'll ever play or run it again. Its just not a ruleset I care to deal with anymore. I'll just steal the cool bits for my 4e game.


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At present, I have no idea if I'll continue running 4E after 5E comes out. There are enough things that bother me in 4E that I'll drop it for a better system... I just don't know if 5E will be that system.

It's not like I'm lacking choice - I'm currently running campaigns of AD&D, Pathfinder and 4E, enough to show me that *none* of the versions of D&D does everything I want them to!



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From what I'm seeing in the playtest and 'community' responses, I'm not too terribly hopeful about D&D 5e/Next/2.75. So my plans are to continue to craft my houserule bible for 4e; it's a system I have find more reasons to love the longer I use it.

I also intend to start an online 13th age game, as it is a fantastic translation of the 4e feel into a gridless format.

I must say that accepting that I'm a grognard now has been difficult.


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If i don't stick with 4e, I'll likely switch over to Savage Worlds, which recently came out with a very backwards compatible new edition.

It would seem to be very easy to port over some rules from 4e, like bursts and blasts. As is, Savage Worlds uses templates and 4e's burst and blasts would definitely be an improvement.

It seems to be a system very friendly towards modifying and is easy to comprehend and learn. It's easy to create monsters for it and they even have guidelines for creating new races, which is nice to have.

Also, It's classless, multigenre and has PDFs. Not that I'm a big fan of PDFs, but they're good to have until you can get the actual book.

It seems similar to Star Wars D6, just without all the d6, force points and not as complex.
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Post-4e? Everything since 2007 is post-4e. Thread title should be 'post-5e.'

I will try 5e, but having read and used the playtest materials, the system doesn't sing to me the way 4e does, so I will likely stick with my own homebrewed and houseruled 4e system... unless something comes along that does what I modified it to do better.

I'm looking forward to trying 13th Age. It may be that system described above. If it's not... no problem.

And there's still lots of other games in my gaming tickle-trunk; Call of Cthulhu, Shadowrun, RIFTS, etc.


Well, even in the original poster's sense, we are already "post-4e" as the last 4e product has come out.

What will I do? Well, I have a 4e campaign that I intend to run to L30, for a start - that will take a while, at the pace we play. After that I'm pretty sure 4e will remain an option in my gaming "golf bag", since it does what it does better than anything else out there - it's a great shame that it looks like that "niche" will go back to being ignored by gaming companies now.

As to what I'll play, though, I have no idea right now. I'm playing a Hârn game in parallel - that won't change, I don't think - and I'll be looking closely at 5e and 13th Age as options. When I know what kind of game my group wants, then I'll decide what system to use to best support it.


My current FR 4e campaign started in early 2011, we are 23 sessions in at level 8 and I am hoping to take it up into Epic levels, maybe even level 30, over several years - by which time I expect 6e will be announced. :)

I've also been running Pathfinder Beginner Box and Labyrinth Lord (and 1e online) and expect to continue doing those.

I may have a go at full Pathfinder at some point in the next few years, and I would like to run a tabletop SF game sometime, but find the lack of support disconcerting compared to D&D-type fantasy games. I also bought Wrath of Ashardalon yesterday and look forward to playing it with my son. :)

Overall, I'm sticking with my current 4e game, no plans to play or GM 5e; if I move away from 4e as my main go-to version of D&D it would likely be more to Pathfinder and/or retro-clones.

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