D&D General Forget One D&D, Wizards needs to embrace Open D&D


D&D is bigger than 5e, and the 50th anniversary is the best time to celebrate its rich history. With the critical (pun intended) error they've made trying to push the OGL 1.1 (or 2.0 or whatever they're calling it now), they desperately need to regain some public trust and goodwill.

Which is why they should finally open up all of D&D. White Box, Basic, AD&D, 4e - all of it, every flavor. Rerelease the core products from every iteration of the game, in print, next year. Get every single product up on DM's Guild as a POD. And open up every past edition and setting to 3PP via the OGL/DM's Guild.

Will it earn back the trust they've squandered? Hell no. But it'll be a start.

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